Bummer!  No Radiohead/Jack White Collaboration
    • THURSDAY, JULY 05, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    As it turns out Radiohead and Jack White didn't collaborate on a new song. The rumor started after Thom York thanked White rather suspiciously during Radiohead's performance at Bonnaroo. Since then, fans have been hanging on by a thread. What could it all mean? The popular opinion was an incredible collaboration; two of rock's biggest titans coming together on a new song. Hopes were recently dashed, however, when White confirmed that he "didn't play with them or produce" any kind of recording in a recent BBC Radio 6 interview. Radiohead had actually just recorded at White's studio, Third Man Records, and the band was only saying thanks.

    So Radiohead joins the ranks of musicians, like Beck, who have recorded at Third Man. As exciting as it is, the announcement is still a little underwhelming. Oh well. Maybe on the hype alone, the two will get together and come through. Still, no reason to be too disappointed. We've yet to hear what Radiohead waked out of Third Man with.

    Check out a clip of White's interview below.

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