Album Review: Future Of What
    • THURSDAY, JULY 05, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Future of What is a young Brooklyn band that knows the value of melody in each of its components, not just the topside vocal lines. There are a lot of payoff moments here. Odd that I should be listening to a lot of The Killers later, admiring their interlocking part writing and impeccable song construction skills, because a lot of those qualities are what attracts me to Future of What. The band moves with a somewhat muted Brooklyn ennui, very different from the bombastic lights-and-explosions of The Killers, but their songs also explore these feelings with intertwined riffs and melodic contour, as well as interesting twists on the usual mid-twenties preoccupations -- for example, an obsession with the pratfalls of adolescence manifests itself in the cry "middle school was easy," which I found particularly interesting and unique. The song "White Light" may be the best synesthesia-ish anthem in recent memory -- you're almost blinded by the synthetic constructs and the soft, affecting vocals of Blair. Moonstruck is an appropriate label for the mood here. It's love in space.

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