15 Female Fronted Bands You Should Be Listening To
    • TUESDAY, JULY 04, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Real talk: I hate it when someone refers to a band as a "female-fronted band." Would you refer to The Strokes as a male-fronted band? No, that'd be weird. But, sometimes when we listen to bands like Sleater-Kinney or HAIM, you can't help but feel the special, incredible energy they posses. So we've made a list for when you wear out No Cities To Love and Days Are Gone. These rockin' ladies need to be on everyone's radar.

    1. Pinky Pinky

    Pinky Pinky is a three piece garage rock band based out of Los Angeles, California. The band is comprised of teenagers, seriously. Anastasia Sanchez (19) acts as the drummer and lead vocalist, Isabelle Fields plays lead guitar, and Eva Chambers bass (both 17). Yet their sound is anything but adolescent. Pinky Pinky is a perfect mix of fuzzy garage rock and 60s pop with swirling melodies. Their self-titled debut EP was released on April 21st through Innovative Leisure.

    2. Charly Bliss

    Formed in Brooklyn in 2012, Charly Bliss is a power pop group with tons of attitude. The band is easily recognizable by the distinctly high voice of lead vocalist and guitarist, Eva Hendricks. Eva's brother, Sam is the drummer, Dan Shure plays bass, and guitarist Spencer Fox (the voice of Dash in The Incredibles!!!) complete the band. Their music is reminiscent of 90s pop/rock like Weezer, or Garbage.

    3. Minimall

    Self-described "kitsch pop" band, Minimall is the kind of band you would listen to during a day at the beach with your friends. Originally a Tally Hall covered act called "Titty Hall," Minimall's music features upbeat melodies and beautiful harmonies from Allegra Rosenberg (guitar/vocals), Maral Ohan (bass/vocals), Wynne Males (guitar/vocals/trumpet), and Merced Stratton (keys/vocals), with each of the girls taking turns singing lead. Stratton and Brennan Doyle complete the five piece with keys and drums. Their song, "Static" is guaranteed to be stuck in your head.

    4. Palehound

    Palehound started as the solo project of singer/songwriter Ellen Kempner. She released her debut EP, Bent Nail, while still in college. Following its release, Kempner dropped out of school and moved to Boston and met Larz Brogan (bass) and later Jesse Weiss (drums) and the trio released their LP, Dry Food, in 2015. Earlier this year, they released A Place I'll Always Go, which showcases Kempner's insane guitar skills.

    5. Overcoats

    After spending most of their childhoods moving from country to country, Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell were assigned to be each other's roommates at Wesleyan University. Almost instantly, the two bonded over how music was with them through their nomadic upbringings, and they began writing together. The best way to describe their music is as electronic pop, with influences of bluegrass and soul. The duo's songs feature impressive vocal harmonies. In 2016, they released a cover of Hozier's "Cherry Wine" that just might be more beautiful than the original.

    6. Sløtface

    Sløtface (pronounced slut-face) is a punk band based out of Norway. The band was originally called "Slutface" to match the feminist message in their songs, but they changed it after facing censorship on social media. Friends from high school, Haley Shea (vocals), Tor-Anne Vikingstad (guitar), Halvard Skeie Wiencke (drums), and Lasse Lokøy (bass) try to speak out about sexual harassment as they feel it is often brushed off by society. Their debut album, Try Not to Freak Out, is set to be released on September 15th of this year.

    7. Nelson Can

    Three friends: Selina Gin, Maria Juntunen, and Signe SigneSigne began telling people they were in a band because they thought it would make them seem cool. Eventually, they became a real band, acting as lead vocalist, bassist, and drummer, respectively. The Danish group list The White Stripes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs as some of their biggest influences, and they try to emulate their "simple sound." The group, quite notably, do not feature guitars on any of their music.

    8. Diet Cig

    This New York-based pop punk duo met when future guitarist and vocalist Alex Luciano walked up to Noah Bowman while he was playing a show with his previous band, and asked if he had a cigarette lighter. He didn't give her a lighter, but he did give her a bottle of wine, and the idea to record and release the songs she had written, with him as the drummer. The group's first full length album was released in April.

    9. Honeyblood

    Honeyblood is a noise pop duo based out of Glasgow, Scotland. Stina Tweedale met soon to be bandmate Cat Myers at a show both of their previous bands played, and the two struck up a conversation about wanting to branch out. It was only a matter of time until the two came together with Tweedale on guitar, Myers on drums, and both women sharing the vocal duties. In the few years they have been together, Honeyblood has supported several impressive acts from the Foo Fighters to the 1975. And sometimes, their Scottish accents come through when they're singing, and it's pretty cool.

    10. The Big Moon

    Led by songwriter and vocalist Jules Jackson, The Big Moon is an all girl pop punk band from London. The project began as just Jackson, and the band filled itself out as she was introduced to Soph Nathan (guitar), Celia Archer (bass) and Fern Ford (drums) through friends. Their music is similar to that of Wolf Alice and Circa Wave.

    11. Art School Jocks

    Art School Jocks is an Atlanta based girl group that describe their music as "existential basement pop." Their songs tell of the frustrations that are rooted in womanhood, from not feeling safe when walking alone at night, to having to be nice to a man just because it is expected from you. The emotionally fueled lyrics are paired with fuzzy guitars from Deborah Hudson and Dianna Settles, energetic drums from Ali Bragg, a bassline that keeps it all moving from Camille Lindsley, and deadpan vocals and harmonies from all four.

    12. The Courtneys

    Vocalist "Classic Courtney" (Jenn Twynn Payne), bassist "Crazy Courtney" (Sydney Koke), and drummer "Crazy Courtney" (Courtney Loove) are the three C's behind this Vancouver fuzz pop band. Their bio on BandCamp says they make "sun drenched flying nun influenced pop with sweet licks that'll stick with you for days" and while I'm not entirely sure what that means, I think it sums up the Pavement influenced band pretty well.

    13. Bleached

    Bleached is an LA-based pop punk group comprised of sisters Jennifer and Jessica Calvin (formerly of Mika Miko) on vocals and guitar, respectively, Micayla Grace on bass, and Nick Pillot as their live drummer. Bleached features typical pop punk guitars and drums while featuring catchy Billboard Hot 100-like vocals. Their latest EP, Can You Deal?, released March 3rd, was inspired by the sexist questions they were asked while promoting their previous records.

    14. Middle Kids

    Two teenage musicians from Sydney, Australia, Haley Joy (vocals) and Tim Fitz (guitar) came together to form this indie band, and they recruited their mutual friend Harry Day to play drums. Joining forces worked well for them, as the group played SXSW before they had even released their first EP. Their first single "Edge of Town" received quite a bit of attention, it even got the seal of approval from Sir Elton John.

    15. Courtney Barnett

    Although this act is not a band, it would not be a list of badass female musicians without a mention of Melbourne rocker Courtney Barnett. Known for her insightful lyrics delivered in a completely deadpan manner and folk-pop garage-rock guitar playing, Barnett's debut album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit garnered critical acclaim and a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

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