BAEBLE FIRST PLAY:  Weathers New Video For
    • TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2018

    • Posted by: Adrianne Torea

    Weathers' video for "Problems", a song off their recent album Kids in the Night, is brilliantly intense from start to finish. A perfect visual for the upbeat urgency of the track. Really, it's everything you want from a music video. Actually, it's more than a music video...Weathers star in a Tarantino-esque short-length playing in a theater near you.

    "The 'Problems' video is our nod to the great heist films we grew up watching. Everything from our album art, to some of our lyrics, to of course our videos, are inspired by film in some way", said the band. Front man Cameron Boyer added, "Tarantino is one of my favorite directors and in this video you'll see subtle and not so subtle references to films like Pulp Fiction".

    Weathers transform into a bunch of badass bandits plotting a heist, the target being a briefcase in a convenience store. And when does a heist go perfectly as planned? Almost never. And definitely not in this video. "'Problems' is about the obstacles that can come up along the way sometimes, so it seemed natural to make a video about a spectacularly failed heist for this song". The band definitely faced a few obstacles in their attempted heist...a minor one being the getaway car failing to start...classic. However, they attained their targeted object, the briefcase, but the contents of the briefcase were not what they were expecting. Nevertheless, the video is a thrilling visual to perfectly illustrate the rowdy track, and it may leave you feeling a little rebellious. It might inspire you to call your friends and plan a heist of your own. But don't, because they never go well. Take it from Weathers and their music video.

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