• MONDAY, JULY 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Andy Tran

    At first I didn't know what to expect. A Saturday night at a venue I've never been to or heard of—taking a chance at one of my sacred weekend nights.

    But it's safe to say that I was blown away. The venue was amazing. National Sawdust was where the show took place, a refurbished woodworking factory turned into a modern show venue with designs that take you into the future. The performers this night turned the room into a showcase of genuine songwriting, lively beats, and odes to the diversity of New York.

    One of these performers caught my attention—Cross Culture. A diverse group of artists from all backgrounds form this collection to mesh into an energetic, Hip-Hop inspired groove. Lead emcee Saidu Ezike spat his dense, often politically attuned verses with ease as the band around him jammed out on their instruments—one of which was an alto saxophone, adding a unique twist into the already quirky group. It's not often you find a Hip-Hop collective nowadays and Cross Culture does it right.

    They'll be releasing a debut album, Majesty, late this summer and I'm excited to hear more of their sound. Before that, check out their song "Rock All Night."

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