SZA Undergoes Fairytale Transformation in New 'Supermodel' Video
    • MONDAY, JULY 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Unsurprisingly, since the release of her debut album Ctrl, alt R&B singer SZA has gotten everyone entirely whipped. The loyal fans who have been following her since day one made sure to spread the word to anyone who would listen to let them know how great of an album Ctrl is, and from that SZA gained an even bigger and stronger army of fans. In her new video for her track "Supermodel," we see that her army extends to even those not old enough to listen to or comprehend her content.

    In this video, we see SZA travel from her bedroom to a forest setting with fairylike sparkles everywhere led by a group of ethereal young children adorned in sparkly eyeshadows. SZA strolls through the forest like the angelic badass that she is, leaving behind a man who it's safe to say isn't the prince charming in this scenario. He isn't completely out of the picture, unfortunately, as he returns at the end of the video as SZA and her army of fairy children arrive at an empty school yard. Luckily, the man gets what's coming to him as his arms hands are tied behind his back and to a pole while the singer shoots fireworks out of her fingers and at his feet, with the help of the kids, of course. While some people are in 2017 destroying their ex's clothes and smashing in car windows, SZA is in 2095 shooting fireworks out of her fingers. Everyone else needs to step it up.

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