BORNS is Back With The Ever So Dreamy 'Faded Heart'
    • MONDAY, JULY 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    While everyone else is out here trying to take on the aesthetic of a 80s rockstar, BØRNS is leaving them in the dust by just becoming a rockstar himself. The 25 year old Michigan singer began his rock streak back in 2015 with his debut album Dopamine, which featured his hit "Electric Love" that now has over 113 million Spotify streams. The 11 track album presented BØRNS to the world, and left everyone in awe of how cool this guy is. No, really, I mean this in the dreamiest way possible. He is so incredibly cool without even trying, it's both intriguing and intimidating. After the release of Dopamine, BORNS spent some time touring before dropping off of the grid for a while. Apart from a Spotify Sessions release and a handful of song covers and remixes in 2016, our dreamy rockstar hasn't really been doing much until recently.

    On Friday, BORNS released a new track titled "Faded Heart." The track begins with his iconic rock vibes that make you feel like you can nearly smell the cigarette smoke and liquor and hear the squealing groupies at his shows. "Faded Heart" lacks the pop-like tones of BORNS' other tracks, which could be a good direction for him to go in at this point in his career. The angsty rock sound suits him well, as if he became a singer for the sole purpose of being able to write a lyric like: "I'll show you the way my Thunderbird sings / You in the suede back seat is all I'll ever need." I mean, come on, suede seats? In 2017? I told you he was cool. It's good to hear some new material from BORNS, and it gives us a reason to be super pumped for BORNS LP2 now that we know for a fact that it's coming. Hopefully the rest of this upcoming project falls in line with the atmosphere created by "Faded Heart."

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