The Baeble Next: Sons of Strangers Are Ready To Impress
    • FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    "We've always loved when bands could strip down and bare all." If that's not the sign of a band with clear and purposeful musical compass, I don't know what is. We were first introduced to Sons of Strangers with their 2013 debut release Bringing The Sun Up/Taking The Sun Down, a sturdy platform to continue to develop as artists off of, and now they've come back with The Sailor. The Sea. The Ardmore, Oklahoma natives have been hard at work with this one with a sizable selection of anthemic ballads and motivational rock structures. We got to find out just how much work the group put in in a quick little back and forth with the boys from Sons of Strangers. Symbolic weight, musical progression, and what their journey as a band is like being comprised of adults with full time jobs and families: they were very informative.

    You all utilize memorable melodic progressions in your track, "The Sailor." Was there perhaps an initial intention to create such an ear-burrowing track or was this sound sort of an inherent natural progression?

    Sons of Strangers: I think it was pretty intentional. I wrote the music around the lyrics and I felt like the lyrics were very anthemic so I tried to capture that with the music as well. I'm not sure if we achieved that or not but we're certainly happy with how the track turned out!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the track seems to offer a representative meaning behind both it's lyrics and the fact that the song's name is embedded in the album's title. Do you mind explaining the symbolic weight behind this?

    You are absolutely correct. I wrote "The Sailor" almost as motivation for myself. Being an adult in a band with a bunch of other adults is pretty damn hard sometimes. It's never easy chasing dreams, it's even harder when we all have full time jobs and families. So I needed to write something to motivate myself on my bad days.

    There's quite an impressive variation in sound between songs in your latest album The Sailor. The Sea. For instance, a secretive acoustic gem like "The Sea" shares space with the booming dynamic sounds of "The Sailor." Who are some of the influences that have led to such striking dynamics?

    We've always loved when bands could strip down and bare all. It's such a somber song and we couldn't see it being displayed any other way. I'm not sure if we could pinpoint any certain influence for the variation of tracks. I can tell you the rest of the album was written around those two tracks. "The Sailor" and "The Sea" are part of our musical journey. It's all about the highs and lows we experience on a day to day basis.

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