That's A Wrap: Jukebox The Ghost And Jillette Johnson
    • THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    Last night, we did what most people do when the humidity seeps in and alcohol's on hand — we threw a party. And if you were lucky enough to win a ticket via our lottery, then you passed the innumerable mopeds and 99-cent pizza palces, and braved the endless brownstones to find yourself at our headquarters — which acted as a cozy little venue for Jukebox The Ghost and Jillette Johnson.

    And with a little help from the hot weather, three miles of Christmas lights, and a bounty of Kraken Rum, our office swayed in unison under the moonlight to some pretty awesome tunes. And although we've only just begun to process the infinite amount of footage that we took, we have a bunch of snapshots of last nights madness to hold you over until the next epic Baeble party:

    Take a look, and seethe with jealousy at what you missed below:

    Stay tuned to catch both session videos in the coming weeks!

    Photos by Jason Wien

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