There's a Justin Timberlake Ticket at Barclays Center for 6 Grand
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 2013

    • Posted by: Owen Reuther

    In the search for the most expensive ticket on the internet I learned a few things. Apparently something called One Direction is a new big thing? And Justin Bieber tickets can set a single dad looking to be cool back 800 bucks. But the granddaddy of them all is this $6,000 Justin Timberlake ticket for his November 6th show at the Barclays Center.

    No, you're eyes do not deceive you. Some bozo is sitting around thinking he's going to pawn off a $6,000 ticket on some screaming teenager. The funny part is that the seat isn't even good, like at all.

    The orange highlighted spot right there is the section for the seat. It's the epitome of stage left and way up in the nosebleeds. Now, if there are any JT fans out there who are also smart shoppers, it would be rather easily discovered that there are several cheaper options. This includes a set of four tickets that are in the same section and even closer to the stage that are only $130 a ticket (which is still pretty steep for my blood).

    I don't know where this guy gets off trying to sell this ticket, but you have to give it up for him. He's going big. And who knows, maybe it will become some rich guy's only chance to make his daughter or super hot, young mistress/girlfriend/side-gal happy.

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