James Blunt's Accidental 'Send-All'
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 2013

    • Posted by: Owen Reuther

    In what may go down as the strangest and most pathetic drunk email ever (that may be a bit of an over statement, but humor me for a second), James Blunt accidentally emailed all of the UK his new single. The question remains as to whether it was an honest mistake, or an ingenious new marketing strategy. Either way, the answer is not a too flattering for the guy who boosted every teenage girl's self-esteem with 2005's "You're Beautiful". I find it hard to believe that this was an accident. That means either Blunt is super lonely, or he somehow has a magic button on his keyboard (that is easily mistaken with the tab key) that instantly cc's millions of random Brits to any given email. That seems a little far-fetched though, right? The alternative is that it was a marketing tactic, and a pretty smart one at that. He could have easily reeled in a few new fans or reinvigorated some old ones with this email fiasco. But what does it say about his fan base that he couldn't depend on going through traditional channels of distributing free music? He must have some pretty low numbers for his projected downloads and sales. I guess it was just his way of letting us know that he's still there, but maybe his life is not so brilliant after all.

    If you didn't wake up to this in your inbox, check out the new single below.

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