Athletes: If Only By Name
    • TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    Throughout history, bands have derived their names from every plant, animal, mineral and historical event in the book. Where there is a noun there is a name. In honor of this Olympic seasons, here's five band that made a sport out of naming their act. They may not be athletes, but they sure do sound the part. And they're all medal-winners in our book.

    1. Bombay Bicycle Club

    On the Olympic level, cycling includes road cycling, track cycling, BMX, and mountain biking. English indie band Bombay Bicycle Club has little to do with the actual sport and wouldn't help their country much in either of those events. However, when it comes to softer guitar-driven music the boys of Bombay Bicycle Club have a better standing. "Swallow" off of A Different Kind of Fix deserves a spot on your work-out playlist if not a medal.

    2. Great Lake Swimmers

    During the 2008 Olympics, everyone was glued to the screen watching Michael Phelps set world records in mens swimming. Around that same time Canada's Great Lake Swimmers were busy writing Lost Channels. They have since released an EP and another album, entitled New Wild Everywhere. Their unique blend of folk music would earn Canada a gold medal in the 'Songs That Feature Banjo' category.

    3. Athlete

    Athletics is the fancy term for track and field events, like shot put and the long jump. Despite their name Athlete would not fare very well in either of these events. They fit better among England's indie-rockers than its Olympic team. The bands recent live album at Union Chapel proved that they have serious chops as performers if not as actual athletes. They might not win gold medals this month, but they already have two platinum albums to make up for it.

    4. Morning Runner

    Looking at the line-up, it seems like over half the events in the summer Olympics involve track and field. Among all those runners and jumpers, Morning Runner wouldn't exactly fit in despite their sporty name. Their first (and unfortunately only) album, Wilderness Is Paradise Now, is worthy of the gold, silver and bronze medals in the alternative-rock category.

    5. Boxer Rebellion

    The band was actually named for an uprising in China, but for our purposes well be focusing on the first word of the band name not the entire origin. The band's 2011 album, The Cold Still, pack quite the punch with songs like "Step Out of the Car" and "Memo." I'm not sure if these Londoners could go glove-to-glove with any of the Olympic heavyweights, but they're still national treasures.

    Leave the ones we missed in the comments.

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