t.g.i.mixtape: volume 25
    • FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2009

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    Hey guys! It's time once again for the next edition in our T.G.I.Mixtape series. On this, the 25th edition, we have some great new music from some of the hottest names in indie music. Artists like Regina Spektor, Maia Hirasawa, Jonsi and Alex and much much more. Enjoy!-Greg Lozoff

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    1. The Most Serene Republic - "Heavens To Purgatory"

    Canadian Arts and Crafts band The Most Serene Republic have a brand new album in stores called ...And The Ever Expanding Universe and it just may be their best album to date. To record this one they enlisted the help of Broken Social Scene and Super Furry Animals producer David Newfeld, and it seems like he has had a positive influence channeling the bands energy into something a little more to the point, yet just as catchy.

    2. Jonsi and Alex - Boy "1904"
    There has been some controversy over the name of this duo. Some contend that the name of the group is Riceboy Sleeps, while others say that the duo's name is Jonsi and Alex and the name of the album is Riceboy Sleeps. We are choosing to adopt the latter hypothesis. Whatever the name, the duo is composed of Jonsi Birgission, who you may know as the lead singer of Sigur Ros, and his boyfriend Alex Somers and their debut album is full of deep ambient and ethereal sounding songs like the one we are introducing to you here. This is quite a change from what we are used to in Sigur Ros, but you can certainly hear Birgisson's influence.

    3. Deastro - "Toxic Crusaders"
    Deastro's latest LP, Moondagger has been one of our most listened to albums of the summer. Like a favourite child, this song has gotten just a little bit more love and attention than the other songs on the album. We still love the other songs, it's jut that "Toxic Crusaders" is a little bit more charming and better at sports! In all seriousness, this is an album not to be missed. We could even go as far as to say that we might be seeing this album on some best of the year lists later on this year.

    4. Squarepusher - "Star Time 2"
    Here's an energizing track from British electronica artist Squarepusher. This is essentially the solo project of Thomas Jenkinson who uses drum machines, samplers, synthesizers along with more traditional instruments such as guitar, bass and drums to create quite a unique sound. What is most impressive are some of the bass-lines in these songs. Just listen to the bass in this track, the lead track from his latest release, Just A Souvenir. Brilliant.

    5. Marissa Nadler - "The Hole Is Wide"
    Marissa Nadler is an American singer/songwriter from Boston, Massachsetts. Her music is often described as dream-folk, which is a fitting title for her often melancholy, even eerie folk songs. This song is off of Nadler's latest album, Little Hells. Want more Marissa? Click here to check out her regularly updated blog.

    6. Maia Hirasawa - "South Again"
    We have been a fan of Japanese/Swiss singer/songwriter Maia Hirasawa for some time now. So we were extremely excited to learn that she has just released a brand new LP of new material. "South Again" is the first single from her latest album, which is entitled GBG Vs. STHLM. It's obvious That Maia hasn't lost her touch for making incredibly catchy and fun pop songs.

    7. Ume - "Conductor"
    This one is from Austin, Texas trio Ume (pronounced "ooo-may"). They only have two EPs out there but are already beginning to amass a solid fan-base. They sound kind of like Metric, just heavier and less synthy. We'll see if they can keep it up when they release their debut full length. Our guess is yes.

    8. Lacrosse - "All The Little Things That You Do"
    Here's a catchy track from Swedish band Lacrosse's brand new album, Bandages For The Heart. You can feel the emotion behind each song on this album and the subject matter stays pretty consistently with matters of the heart. Add some perpetual energy to the mix and you have Lacrosse.

    9. MAI - "Silent Seduction"
    There isn't very much information out there on the interweb about this young Swedish singer/songwriter, but if we judge by this track and the two tracks on MAI's myspace page, we may have something very special here. What we do know is that she already has one album out called Still Need A Kiss, and that she has been recording her second album somewhere in the French Alps. When it will be released is still unknown, but definitely watch out for it.

    10. Regina Spektor - "Eet"
    Only Regina Spektor would name one of her songs "Eet". What is Eet you may ask? Well it is a sound that comes at the end of the words "beat", "feet" and "sweet". And Regina, being the Queen of the Quirk, took that sound and turned into not only the name of a song, but an incredibly catchy chorus. This one is definitely a standout track on her excellent new album, Far, in stores now.

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