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    • FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2009

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    Coveted sunshine descends on the city, glinting off the buildings and the storefronts, transporting us to the promised summerland. As unimaginative as it is to talk about the weather, this summer's been so crazy that every warm day feels like it's the first one. But it's almost August, and these days are no longer the harbingers of summer, they're waning and precious, reminders that this is all you have, so you better make the most of them. In other words, perfect days to listen to Headlights.

    Headlights are yet another delicious offering from the indie pop brigade. They sound like early Death Cab for Cutie, but sometimes with a female vocalist (all Ben Gibbard jokes aside). They reel you in with carefree melodies, airy handclaps, and lyrics like "all my stupid plans that fall apart / just like all my stupid bands that fell apart," aren't exactly complex poetry. But there's a simple honesty here, a total lack of pretension, just trusty chords and teenage diary scribbles reminding you not to take yourself too seriously. Though, lyrics about dissolving bands seem more poignant when you take into account all the reported tumult and internal issues The Headlights have been dealing with in the process of recording their third CD, Wildlife.

    If rumors are true, expect sweet pop tinged with loss and vulnerability. Expect elegant harmonies trying to reassure, but lingering in inevitable transience. Expect the ephemeral, the bittersweet, the last hours of sunlight, the last days of summer, the heaviness of all the winters in between. That, or maybe just more of the same simple, charming pop that's characterized the band thus far. 'Til then, keep reveling in all things wonderful, keep your head above water, and keep an eye out for Wildlife, due this October. - Nina Mashurova

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