Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself: Ex Cops And The Arrival of The Rock Geek
    • THURSDAY, JULY 30, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Do you remember that moment when you were a teenager and you were listening to your new favorite band for the first time and all you wanted to do was tell your friends about them and you wanted to know every little detail of what makes this music work? I bet you do. And if you do, then, like me, you grew up as a music geek. Music helped sustain you. And we here at Baeble have a new video just for music lovers like you. Ladies and gentleman, please allow me to introduce myself...I am the Rock Geek.

    We'll be premiering the debut episode of the Rock Geek soon, and before that initial episode -- featuring Danish-American alt-rockers Ex-Cops -- arrives, I thought I'd let you know a little bit about who and what the Rock Geek is. The Rock Geek is Don Saas aka me aka the Managing Editor of Baeble Music. Music has been part of who I am since I was a child and I danced around the house to my mom's Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits CD, and it became more and more of my life as I became a teenager and dived deep into my dad's classic rock collection and then eventually stumbled into indie music in college. And I don't simply love music; I feel the need to answer the big questions of what pushes the artists I love and the industry I work in forward. And that's what the Rock Geek is here to do.

    With each episode, we do on-camera interviews with a new artist and in my conversations with these performers, we try to answer the most fundamental questions of what is involved in the creation of this art that speaks to so many and what is happening behind the doors in the industry that music consumers rarely get to see. And we couldn't have asked for better first guests than Ex-Cops. You might remember the public feud Ex-Cops had with McDonalds at SXSW, and we use that as a jumping off point to discuss the ways that artists and brands have to cooperate (or not) in today's modern music scene as well as what it takes for a band to make it when they're just starting out. But it's not all business. Ex-Cops love for what they do shines through so be on the lookout when they take the chance to geek out over working with Billy Corgan.

    Keep your eyes out, Baeble readers. The Rock Geek is coming and he'll be here to stay.

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