Now Playing: Frances Cone
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    A few weeks' back we invited some of our best friends in this biz by casa Baeble for a casual kickback, featuring brews, a rather lethal lemonade concoction, and music from two bands we dearly love. Boy & Bear stopped by, fresh off the plane from Australia (basically). We thought the party needed some local representation as we called upon our pals Frances Cone. They have been on our list of "gets" for some time...after a failed, rained out soiree we had originally planned with the band, our Bands and Brews Series seemed the perfect occasion to give it another go.

    Our latest session, captured cool kid party style in the old Baeble basement, is a wonderful showcase of what this promising quartet do best. Thoughtful stories about love and growing old, delivered via a chalky, sensual croon, courtesy of singer Christina Cone. Her band - Jeff Malinowski, Andrew Doherty, and Alex Baron - offer gorgeous waves of accompanying harmonies and crisp, sentimental instrumentation. Songs from the band's set are pulled from their their current, self-titled EP and their full length, Come Back. Check out the set list in the video player and pick up either album HERE.

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