Single Serving Premiere: Yassou Benedict's 'Last Cicada'
    • TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2013

    • Posted by: David Spelman

    San Francisco by-way-of Hudson, NY pop-rock quartet Yassou Benedict were smart enough to move to California to avoid this summer's cicada infestation. The band must be familiar with the constant hum that cicadas make and the uncomfortable crunch of stepping on them, but luckily these sounds in no way influence "Last Cicada".

    Lilie Bytheway Hoy's alluringly beautiful voice opens the song before it picks up two minutes in with a burst of lo-fi male vocals and a cutting guitar riff supported by a constant hi-hat. Hoy then comes back in to form a somewhat haunting harmony that Yassou Benedict flawlessly pull off before the track fades to a synthy close.

    "Last Cicada" is the closing track on Yassou Benedict's recently released debut EP In Fits In Dreams. Grab your copy here.

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