lil wayne plus 500 days of summer equals 500 days of weezy
    • FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010

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    Yeah so Lil Wayne (a.k.a. Weezy F. Baby, Lil Tunechi) and the Zooey Deschanel/Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring 500 Days of Summer (a.k.a. Garden State 2.0) &mdash they probably have some fan overlap, right? Lucky for them, 500 Days of Weezy, the latest in a series of post-Grey Album mashups, takes the titular film's soundtrack (which features The Smiths and Hall & Oates among others) and mashes it up with select cuts from Wayne's expansive oeuvre as well as audio clips from The Carter documentary. And, hey! it actually sounds pretty cool sometimes! Other times, not so much. Also the dude behind the project is called My Sick Uncle. Pretty dumb! Link to the tracks & select commentary after the jump.

    The spirited piano and orchestral swells of Regina Spektor's "Us" make Carter III cut "Mrs. Officer" actually kind of beautiful (when he says "I'll do the time/but her love is timeless" my heart melted a little bit (kidding, but you know)). The cut-up guitar from Black Lips "Bad Kids" is neat if not particularly captivating after about ten seconds and Feist's "Mushaboom" sounds kind of cool too if only for the jarring juxtaposition ("she fell in love with my bracelet/but which one?!" HA). "The story about Wayne" conceit doesn't really gel or anything, but you're better off watching the documentary anyway.

    These rap/rock/pop mashups verge on corny most of the time (see: Jaydiohead, a Jay-Z/Radiohead mashup that made me cringe last year) but 500 Days of Weezy isn't the worst of them. You might even enjoy it a little bit! Maybe! Grab a download from the official site. -ben krusling

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