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    • FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010

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    This is going to be controversial, but I have to say it: I don't really like Florida. Much like Joe's aversion to verticality (weird, right?), I don't really know what it is about the sunshine state that's not to my liking.[Ed. Note: I'd like to add that A) Hanna is referring to the formatting of the site, which is beyond my own personal dislike for photos that are tall instead of wide. Also, huh? Also, B) Florida has a vibrant indie scene these days, Surfer Blood is from the West Palm area. Get with it, scene kids!] [Hanna's note: A) It's a joke, I know it refers to the site dummy! and B) I just don't like the state, okay? I always have a bad experience there. I didn't say they didn't have a great music scene.] In any case, I found something that I do love about Florida: Tallahassee natives Go Radio.

    Their Fearless Records debut, Do Overs and Second Chances, proves that these guys have talent. Lead singer and guitarist Jason Lancaster left Mayday Parade to pursue Go Radio, and thank god he did (rounding out the band is Alex Reed on guitar/vocals, Steven Kopacz on drums, and Matt Burns on bass) [I want to mock you here but I can't, I had an internship at an all digital label at Warner, and sometimes did mailings for EastWest, the imprint that distributed Mayday Parade in the mid aughts. Not a bad bit of pop punk, I thought they'd hit terrestrial radio for sure. Guess not.] The emotional driven EP is chock full of some of the best lyrical content, harder guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and attitude that I've been looking for [OK this is pushing it. You can't say stuff like this when The Suburbs is out there]. Seriously, where has Go Radio been all my life? Take for example, personal favorite, "Thanks for Nothing". The opening contrast between a delicate piano and Lancaster's raw-edged vocals is absolutely stunning. The track builds to add the entire band and blossoms into a power ballad about none other than that all too familiar feeling of heartbreak.

    Another favorite of mine, in addition to being a fan favorite, is the closing track "Goodnight Moon". (Of course it references the popular children's book, both in title and in the lyrics "Sit in our bedroom/And read out loud/Like a passage from Goodnight Moon"). [Please children, scootch closer.]. Taking a break from the guitar driven melodies on the rest of the EP for a more stripped-down piano aesthetic, Go Radio take on this track cleverly before letting it build into a strong finish [I see a pattern.]. Again, Lancaster's somewhat harsh vocals played against the lullaby-like melody take the song to a whole other level. And what a great level it is.

    Go Radio put so much passion and spirit into Do Overs and Second Chances that you can hear their efforts radiate through every track. I think it's safe to say that this band is one of the best I've heard in recent years. I can't wait to see what this extremely talented group of guys does next. Maybe I was wrong about Florida. -hanna kasper

    [Perhaps. Let us not forget the fantastic songs the state has inspired. Not too bad this week, I'll give this band a thumbs mostly up.]

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    Do Overs and Second Chances is available now via Fearless Records. Go Radio is currently playing select dates with recent Guest Apartment visitor Secondhand Serenade and will be touring with fellow Fearless Records bands this fall on The Fearless Friends Tour.

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    MP3: "Thanks For Nothing"
    Go Radio on Myspace

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