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    In the giddy hodgepodge of the current music scene, there's one noticeable schism. Some bands embrace the future - drum machines, vocoders, space-age synthesizers, 8-bit, countless remixes, laptop-pop for Judy Jetson and the gang. Then the reactionaries harken to the past - stripped down guitars, Americana twang, no-frills folk, organic acoustics and honkey tonk singalong songs. Inevitably, there will be a war: cowboys vs robots duking it out in a massive arena, Wilco takes on the Crystal Castles, Deer Tick faces off with Wavves, Bowerbirds duke it out with Cut Copy...the presale will sell out in seconds, we will cheer with uninhibited glee as the mood of modern music is decided once and for all!

    Unfortunately, no such musical Olympics is scheduled anytime soon, so for the time being, they'll just have to coexist peacefully. Regardless, the classic rock camp has gotten some serious reinforcements in the form of The Lonely H, from Seattle. Straight out of American legend, these blue jean babies Johnny-Appleseed their way around the country, spread rock n' roll and sleep in barns. As strange as it is to get an authentic blast from the past from someone who missed the 70s by nearly two decades (lead singer and local friendly giant Mark Fredson is only 19), they stay true to the old school, even recording Concrete Class completely analog.

    In their video for "The Singer," the longhaired vagabonds decide to take a break from being truckers and try being pirates for a change. The result is sweetly low-budget, like a grade school play, which is all too appropriate. Sure their blues are convincing and their guitar licks are badass, but these guys are clearly playing a very specific part. But hey, pirate rock, cowboy rock, robot rock, as long as it sounds good, bring it on...I would wager a ninja-themed band to be the new big thing, but I guess their stealth demands they remain underground. - Nina Mashurova

    The Lonely H on Tour

    Jul 30 - Martyr's - Chicago, Illinois
    Jul 31 - Up and Under - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Aug 1 - Ballyhoos - Merrill, Wisconsin
    Aug 5 - KWUR - Live On Air - 90.3 - St. Louis, Missouri
    Aug 5 - Cicero's - University City, Missouri
    Aug 6 - Boobys Beer Garden - Carbondale, Illinois
    Aug 7 - The Basement - Nashville, Tennessee
    Aug 12 - Stafford Main Street - Bryan, Texas
    Aug 13 - Trophy's - Austin, Texas
    Aug 14 - Rudyards - Houston, Texas
    Aug 15 - Bill's Records - Dallas, Texas
    Aug 15 - The Chat Room - Fort Worth, Texas
    Aug 17 - Spaceland - Los Angeles, California
    Aug 18 - Casbah - San Deigo, California
    Aug 19 - The Hemlock - San Francisco, California
    Aug 20 - Old Ironsides - Sacramento, California
    Aug 21 - Cattlemen's - Rogue River, Oregon
    Aug 22 - Berbati's - Portland, Oregon
    Aug 27 - Concert on the Dock - Port Townsend, Washington
    Aug 28 - The Showbox Market - Seattle, Washington
    Sep 18 - Ash Street Saloon - MusicFEST NW - Portland, Oregon

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    The Lonely H on Myspace

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