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    • THURSDAY, JULY 30, 2009

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    Watching Beep Beep storm their way through an imaginative set at Saddle Creek's '09 SXSW showcase, one gets the idea that this Omaha based band don't really give a damn what their audience thinks of them. This of course is a good thing, as their brave and bold demeanor gives this wiley-eyed outfit the freedom to express themselves in snazzy fits of flailing, oft-kilter pop. Over the course of this concert, Beep Beep see saw back and forth between moments of order, and whirlwind breakdowns that are more chaotic then tornado alley in a summer storm. Add to that a few flashy stage moves, a flamboyant wit between tunes, and the red hot heat of an Austin Texas atmosphere, and Beep Beep's SXSW performance is a unique and devilish enterprise indeed. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Beep Beep at the Radio Room - SXSW

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