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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 2008

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    What ever happened to simple song writing? The kind of stuff that made every rock act of the 80's and early 90's appealing, at least in the mainstream. The chord progressions were vaguely predictable, if not familiar and comfortable, and the vocals guided by sincerity more than irony. Today, we search so hard for the guys banging on pots and pans, ripping vocal chords and making faces, we forget to find the songs that make us remember what we liked when we were kids. Here to give us a little bit of both worlds is Beat Radio.

    Beat Radio, according to their website, plays: " teenage anthems for the drunken boat. flea market pop. arena rock for mystics. ramshackle electro."

    A lo-fi indie pop collective hailing from Bellmore, New York, Beat Radio is led by the happy-go-lucky vocals of singer/songwriter Brian Sendrowitz. They've been building on the traditions of such luminaries as Broken Social Scene, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Sparklehorse, and Luna since 2005, the year the band played its first show at Sin-e. With some decent buzz about them, they might just be the next best thing to cater to the indie pop crowd. And we're pretty hungry for it. The air of familiarity mixed with melancholic layering makes for a great pop song, and Beat Radio doesn't disappoint.

    The current release is called The Great Big Sea, the bands debut LP. The site also hints at a forthcoming EP called Sunday Matinee. The best part? Plenty of free MP3's. Check out the site and see for yourself if this New York collective is for you. -joe puglisi

    Beat Radio Upcoming Show
    8/21 - Union Pool - Brooklyn, NY

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    MP3: Beat Radio:: “Treetops” - The Great Big Sea
    MP3: Beat Radio:: “Stranger Flowers” - Sunday Matinee EP
    Beat Radio on Myspace

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