A Mood Review of Drake's New Album
    • TUESDAY, JULY 03, 2018

    • Posted by: Adrianne Torea

    People these days really love the word mood. Or shmood. Or Schmewd. Just kidding on that last one. If you don't know what to caption an Instagram post, it seems like "mood" is the go-to, default caption for everything, thus blurring the actual definition of the word "mood". So, what is mood? Who cares honestly. If you think your picture of a tree is "mood af" then more power to you. Or a picture of your cat sleeping, or your ice cream cone, or a general selfie of you that shows a very ambiguous mood but you still feel the need to say "mood." Whatever it may be, mood is the word. So, in honor of our moody tendencies, I've decided to break down Drake's new album, Scorpion, by mood. Drake gave us 25 songs, showing his two distinct sides as an artist and also giving us a wide range of moods and vibes. You better believe I made up some of these moods. But hey, everyone else is doing it. #mood

    You're pissed off and kind of want to fight someone even though you never would because you really don't have the time or the skills

    "Nonstop" and "Can't Take a Joke"
    Your violent side is showing, you're boiling over, palms are sweaty. It's been a bad day, maybe a bad week. Maybe it's your terrible boss, maybe it's a fake friend that you heard was talking sh*t behind your back, maybe you messed up your pedicure as soon as you got home, or someone didn't hold the door for you, maybe you keep losing at Fort Nite, maybe you got caught going 80 in a 55, maybe you went #2 and then realized there's no toilet paper...whatever gets you angry, these two song will match that mood. "Nonstop" and "Can't Take a Joke" have the hardest beats on the album and might really make you feel ready to square up. But don't. In "Nonstop" Drake takes some lovely shots at Kanye, and ten seconds into "Can't Take a Joke" you hear a gun cock and we get bars like "Everything will be okay / Man, just stay up out my way"....mood. Drake can rap hard when he really wants to and that's what we get in these two tracks, and he expresses some of his own anger and frustrations. So, thank you Pusha T and Kanye for bringing out Drake's dark side.

    You're sad and you want to just stay in bed all day and continue being sad

    "Elevate" and "Finesse"

    To fit your sad, maybe a little depressed mood, Drake delivers "Elevate", which for the first ten seconds, sounds like someone died, and we're mouring the loss. We get a mix of rap and sweet sweet Drake vocals. The whole tone of the song is gloomy, and we all need that sometimes. "Finesse" is the slowest track on the record, with lyrics like "I can't even lie / I'd rather stay inside". Us too, Drake.

    You're chillin' with friends and need some good background vibes

    "Blue Tint"

    "Blue Tint" isn't a stand out track on the album, but it's a good beat to just bob your head to while you're multitasking. If you're not really feeling any kind of way, this is a good one to put on. And I have no idea what mood that weird Future falsetto fits into...but it's so bad that it's good.

    You're in THE mood

    "After Dark"

    This song is steamy. I mean any song that features Ty Dolla $ign is instantly classified as baby making music. Mr. $ign has one theme and one theme only when he sings, and it's sexual intercourse. But seriously, five seconds into this song and you know it goes on "that" playlist, the playlist that sets the mood. And you will never hear the f-word sang more beautifully than in this song, when Ty hits it on the highest of notes.

    You're ready to turn all the way up

    "8 out of 10"

    It's Friday, you just got paid, you have plans with your people, life is good. There's no better song to fit that mood than "8 out of 10", because sonically, the song makes you feel like you're on a roller coaster going up, and up, and up. Even if you have nothing to celebrate, this track makes you feel like you just won $100,000 and you're about to hit the Gucci store. You'll want to pop a bottle when the beat drops at the beginning. Maybe you're at the gym on the treadmill and you're struggling to get that second mile...you look over and see the person next to you has run half a marathon...you need this song. After a few listens, you'll be yelling "Your wifey your wifey your wifey" right along with Drizzy.

    You're lit

    "Mob Ties"

    You know all those viral dances like the milly rock, the floss dance, the shoot dance...all those classics, this is the song for them. And you have to have the stank face while you do them. This song bangs. It's like the diet version of "God's Plan" because of course no song on the album was gonna beat "God's Plan". But yeah, this is for the club.

    You're in your feelings


    You would think the song for this one would be "In My Feelings"...but it's not. It's "Peak". You're feeling all the feelings, he/she won't text you back, "Peak" is the song you need. This is Drake doing what Drake does best. Singing so smoothly that if you close your eyes it feels like he's right next to you singing in your ear. Creepy I know. But there's something about this song, that even if you aren't in your feelings, it will put you there. The slow, simple beat just gets you.

    You're feeling nostalgic

    "Don't Matter To Me"

    If #TBT was a mood, this song would be it. What's more throwback than Michael Jackson? This song raised mixed feelings because of the late superstar's vocals that were featured. But how can we be mad about new, never before heard MJ. It's a gift. It's actually kind of epic that a past superstar is on the same track as one of today's biggest superstars. I guess you can do anything you want when you have the money and power Drake has. The production of this song has MJ written all over it, and it will make you feel a little weird. It might make you scrap the last three songs of the album and go listen to Thriller.

    You're heartbroken

    "Summer Games"

    There has been speculation that this track is about Drake's previous summer romance with Queen Rihanna, who dumped Drake for being a lovey dovey cornball. Regardless, someone broke Drake's heart, as he outwardly says over and over on this track. "Breaking my heart, tearing me apart / Breaking me down, when I'm already down". We feel you, Drake.

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