Christian Rappers Are Suing Katy Perry For 'Dark Horse' Ripoff
    • THURSDAY, JULY 03, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Christian hip-hop duo Flame and LeCrae sued Katy Perry, Juicy J, Capitol Records and others on Tuesday for copyright infringement in a federal court in St. Louis, MO. According to the two rappers, Perry's song "Dark Horse" infringed the copyright of their Christian song "Joyful Noise". Flame, LeCrae and the rest of their God-loving posse also claimed that in addition to ripping off their song, Perry tainted it with "black magic".

    Listening to the two songs side-by-side, the similarities are blatant, especially when hearing the replicated opening line. It makes you wonder why, when they have such a strong case against one of the world's top-charting recording artists, would they let outrageous spiritual balderdash interfere? Because...well, they're Christian rappers...

    We're sure this will be settled out of court and Flame and LeCrae will end up with much heavier collection baskets and we'll all remain spellbound by Katy Perry's evil (and smokin' bod).

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