The Knife's Choreographed Coitus Comes with Glitter, Lots of Glitter
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 03, 2013

    • Posted by: Austin Knief

    Straight from the freaky, dark minds of Swedish electronic music duo The Knife comes a live performance of "Raging Lung"; a single off their recent album Shaking The Habitual. The video below, self-directed by Sorkklubben, is the first officially released footage of the Shaking The Habitual show. The performance took place at Hangaren Subtopia in Stockholm, Sweden in May 2013.

    If you happen to be from the planet Earth, you might find The Knife's performances to be a bit out of the ordinary. Yes, it's true that electronic groups tend to have stranger live performances, but as you will see in the following video clip, the Swedish duo goes beyond the abnormal. What you are about to see can best be described as a cult-orgy facilitated by the native inhabitants from Avatar. Sorkklubben certainly didn't hire Justin Bieber's guy to do the choreography, and for that, we are thankful.

    The Knife will be taking part in this year's Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris on October 31st ,and we can only imagine that they will have some outrageous Halloween costumes. Shaking The Habitual, The Knife's first album in seven years, is now available for purchase on iTunes, as a 2xCD, or as a 3x12" vinyl.

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