6 Bands You Didn't Know Brewed Beer
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 03, 2013

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Stop the presses ladies and gentlemen: British Parliament is getting trashed this summer, and Iron Maiden is getting rich from it. In an effort to promote lesser-known British beers, The Palace of Westminster is now selling the hard rocking Iron Maiden's own craft beer "Trooper Ale". As unbelievable as it is that any beer could fly under the radar in the UK, Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is nonetheless thrilled that his masterpiece beverage is gaining recognition.

    Iron Maiden is not the only band that had been subtly brewing liquid joy, however. From AC/DC to Hanson, tons of musicians are joining the malty revolution.

    Iron Maiden Trooper Ale

    Hanson - Mmmhops

    The Oklahoma brotherly trio recently turned 21-years-old (yeah, it's been that long, ladies), and rather than celebrating with a bland Coors Light, the boys created their own brew, Mmmhops. The signature pale ale will be released this fall during the group's tour in support of the new album Anthem. Stay tuned to Baeble as our exclusive session with Hanson will be premiering in the coming weeks.

    Craig Finn - Clear Heart

    Created in partnership with the UK-based Signature Brew, Craig Finn of the Hold Steady created a golden ale and named it after his solo record Clear Heart Full Eyes.

    Watch Craig Finn Join G.E. Smith at Baeble HQ

    Frank Turner - Believe

    Like Craig Finn, Frank Turner teamed up with Signature Brew to design his own hoppy beverage. His, however, is a wheat beer with citrus and orange flavors.

    Motorhead - Bastards Beer

    Brewed in Sweden, Motorhead's Bastard Beer is a "mean machine lager that's fuel for any head banging opportunity." Of course it is, Lemmy.


    Being that it's brewed in Germany, AC/DC's beer website is obviously in German, a language that's far from a Baebler's common tongue. But thanks to Google we translated it's description and apparently it "ignites on the tongue like a ton of TNT." The beer is currently sold in select countries, and comes in either tall boys, or a mini-kegs, which we gotta say are about as rock 'n' roll as packaging can get.

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