The Baeble Next: Midnight Mantics' 80s Resurgence
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 29, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    The 80s resurgence is alive and well in this decade; with indie bands from Twin Shadow and Craft Spells reinventing the innocently un-self aware and euphoric nature of synth-pop, this style of music is undisputedly abound. With so many contenders distributing their own brand of 80s influenced electronica, it's a difficult task to stand out. Enter Midnight Mantics, a Nashville-based band effervescing with retro synthesizers and booming drum pads, colliding for a sound so 80s, its deceivingly contemporary.

    Their song "City of Dreamers" captures all of the best parts of synth-pop from a distant era: warm and chaotic synths, upbeat melodies, and a general feeling of incontestable positivity. Though the symphonic optimism is one of the key components that recalls the nostalgia of past electronic music, it's the production that brings the millennial distinction. The instrumentation and sounds align to produce a clarity that's hard to match, making Midnight Mantics a unique experience with their ability to weave in and out of multiple epochs.

    We got a chance to chat with Midnight Mantics about their song "City of Dreamers", Nashville, and what's up next for their collective. Read their responses below.

    "City of Dreamers" has such an uplifting vibe to it. How important do you think optimism and being upbeat is to your compositions?

    Glad you felt the uplifting vibes. Though we've each been through our fair share of crazy, we are definitely two optimistic dudes. Communicating that through our songs is something that is very important to us. We believe there is always a reason to hope and look up. To quote Howard Jones, "Things Can Only Get Better."

    Midnight Mantics is such an ominous name. How did you come up with it and how do you think it relates to the music you produce?

    We were toying around with a bunch of different options and definitely wanted something that sounded like it was honestly 80s but that also had a certain mischievous and romantic feel to it. Midnight Mantics is that magic that happens in your life while everyone else is sleeping.

    Recording synth-pop music in Nashville seems pretty uncommon. What does the city bring to your music if its so centered on more of the singer/songwriter and acoustic type?

    Nashville is an amazing city that pushes you to stand out and try to make something different. There's so much talent across all genres in this city. We're very happy that the world is now getting hip to there being so much more than country coming out of Music City. Stacy and I met years ago while both doing different musical ventures. It was our mutual love for the 80s that had us using all that Nashville has taught us to just make something honest and relatable. This city has a unique communal aspect that has been most helpful to us. The diversity of the music in the years that we've been here has evolved so much and will continue to do so. This city means so much to us and if we can make it proud of the sounds we're making, then we'd call that a win.

    What can we expect from Midnight Mantics when your album drops?

    I (would like to) think that you can expect a lot of boomboxes to come out of attics and basements. For people to continue to dance, fall in love, chase a dream and let us be the soundtrack to it all of it complete with slow motion shots, musical montages, and a cloud of Aqua Net in the air. And who knows maybe you'll see us opening for Tears For Fears or Simple Minds or maybe, Taylor Swift will tweet about us.

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