T.G.I.Mixtape 118 Curated By Company of Thieves
    • FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    This week's compilation comes from Chi-town rockers Company of Thieves, who recently released their second album Running From a Gamble back in May. No gamble here, it's a solid collection of lazy summer tunes. As an added bonus, grab a free track from the band!

    First off, grab the Gamble track "Modern Waste" for the price of a click. If you like what you hear, grab your own copy of Running From a Gamble over at iTunes.

    Now, on with the tape!

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    1. "Hard Times" - Gillian Welch - The Harrow and The Harvest

    I've recently been gushing over Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. I bought the new album and while I was in the kitchen this tune came on and completely grabbed my attention. It spoke to me in the most literal way. The band and myself have had a rough year and I felt so much strength from the line "Hard times ain't gonna rule my mind." She has perfected the art of being so powerful and so loud in the gentlest of ways just through balance, blend, lyrics, delivery, and having great SONGS.

    2. "Tonight You Belong To Me" - Eddie Vedder - Ukulele Songs

    Recently I've been crankin' some great Pearl jam albums and I've always been in love with Eddie Vedder's gorgeous voice. He delivers every line with a huge sense of urgency as if he NEEDS to get something out of him. On the last few tours I have thoroughly enjoyed his solo album and being able to hear his passionate voice in the most intimate setting. On late night drives I put this on in headphones and feel like I am on a deserted island. I recommend getting this whole album. This is a cover of a classic American song from the 20's that Eddie and Cat Power have a beautiful duet on.

    3. "Under Control" - The Strokes - Room on Fire

    It's amazing how the older you get, you start to hear the influences of some of your favorite bands that you didn't notice before. Now that I listen to so much more music I can pick out the Sam Cooke in the way Julian delivers his melodies in this song. This is a song that I roll the windows down in my car and drive around Lake Shore Drive late at night after feeling stressed, down, or great! It's my summer guru song

    4. "No Shoes" - John Lee Hooker - Travelin'

    In the past year and a half I've been going back to my blues roots and learning a lot of things that I skipped as a kid. There's something about John Lee's voice and delivery that makes you feel like you are at an old smoky blues lounge drinking whiskey. He has a very laid back, dirty, and raw sound and it's very powerful for me. This is a record that a friend showed me and the first track sets the tone. I absolutely love this whole album and the passion he delivers on every track. Especially this one!

    5. "On the Beach" - Neil Young - On The Beach

    Neil Young is a huge influence for the band. Back in the day, our old producer showed us this album and this was the first track he played for us. It blew my mind how relaxed it is and how infectious that relaxed sound is. This is one of my all time favorite late night songs that calms me like no other. Neil knows how to tell a story and provide the mood for it. While recording our new album in LA, we would go to the beach every weekend. I would lay in the sand with this song on in headphones and feel completely arrested and content. Nothing can make me feel higher than this song does.

    6. "Half the World Away" - The Whigs - Give 'Em All a Big Fat Lip

    While on tour with these guys, I rediscovered this tune. I love how it sounds like a classic garage rock pop tune. My favorite feature of this tune is the guitar solo. It's so uplifting and is one of my favorite recorded guitar solos I've ever heard. I miss hearing this live every night. Great band!

    7. "The Suburbs" - Arcade Fire - THe Suburbs

    We have all been HUGE fans of Arcade Fire. I love the idea of having an album be one cohesive piece that says something. Not only is this album so great on so many levels, but this song sets the tone for the next 15 songs so well. Even in the first line! We have been playing this quite a bit in the van

    8. "Lay It Down" - Al Green - Lay It Down

    Our drummer showed us this album last year and I'm so glad he did. I love Al Green and didn't even know this album existed. Questlove produced it and played drums on it. This song sounds like a classic Al Green song. It's so lazy, smooth, and has a beautiful groove. I love how laid back the guitar is.

    9. "Undo" - Bjork - Vespertine

    I don't even know what to say about this one. This song kills me. Bjork has a way of presenting such simple tunes in the most complex/atmospheric ways yet there is still a song beneath all the cool sounds and parts. And there is so much heart and soul that it is impossible for me not to feel. She sounds so vulnerable and sincere on this it always gives me chills

    10. "L.A." - Elliot Smith - Figure 8

    Another huge influence of the band! This is one of my favorite of Elliot's rockers and one of mine and chris's favorite song to jam to at soundchecks. Elliot is so great at building riffs and melodic sequences around his great tunes. Genevieve said it best about Elliot. She said that he sings like he's telling you a secret and only to you providing such an intimate/personal sound even in a rock tune like this. It was very exciting/terrifying to be in the studio recording our new record with Elliot Smith's producer, Rob Schnapf and most of Elliot's gear. I got to see the guitar that he used on this tune. Great experience for huge E.S. fans

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