the guest apartment: secondhand serenade
    • THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2010

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    Though the music that inhabits Secondhand Serenade's new collection of songs Hear Me Now is some of the most polished and full-bodied of John Veseley's career, there's something about the Californian songwriter alone with his guitar that resonates like little emotional earthquakes under the surface of the skin. Veseley's tunes hit in intimate ways when enjoyed in solitude. Cross country road trips, headphones on the train, and safe and sound bedrooms immediately come to mind.

    Which helps explain why his appearance in our latest segment of The Guest Apartment works in the powerful ways that it does. Veseley's personal gaze, the lyrics he's penned, even the answers to his questions...our latest video feels like a personal get together. Sharing three songs from his new album, Veseley pits bright, acoustic backdrops against the kind of melodies and lyrics that come with the subjects and listeners in mind. If it brings the musician himself a bit of joy and excitement along the way? Well, that's the welcome byproduct of his serenades...the secondhand effect. But it's all penned for you, just like this edition of The Guest Apartment. - David Pitz

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    The Guest Apartment: Secondhand Serenade

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