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    • THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2010

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    How To Dress Well's Tom Krell makes what can best be referred to as bedroom R&B and, damn, he really goes for it. His musical output over the last year has been haunting, heartbreaking, and gorgeous even when the crackling, lo-fi nature of the production consistently unsettles. "Ready For The World" is his newest single and is as good a place as any to break into the piles of free material he's released.

    The song is a re-imagining of Ready For the World's "Love You Down" (if you don't know them, they got a shoutout in that Kanye song "Slow Jamz" -- remember that song?) in HTDW's lo-fi, minimal style. It's emotional stuff and Krell fully embodies it. There is no sense of an ironic distance from the R&B signifiers he appropriates which is one reason why HTDW's nostalgia-tinged music is so strong. His debut album (which will feature "Ready For The World") Love Remains is due out September 21 from Lefse and he plays his first ever live show August 13 @ Glasslands in Brooklyn. Grab the song below. -ben krusling

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    MP3: "Ready For The World"
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