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    • THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2010

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    It was only a matter of time before Kanye West joined the ranks of the twitterati. Personalities from around the globe have utilized the already egotistical service to further micro-blog about the most trivial of details, everything from their dinners to their pets. The most hilarious of the bunch do so with such an unfiltered, raw quality that it actually comes across as boarderline stand-up comedy. They have no publicists to filter their thoughts, and no editors to correct their potentially very confusing and suggestive misspellings, and the result is PURE GOLD. Kanye is the crux of this theory, spewing unintentional punchlines faster than you can laugh at them. Here are a few highlights from the first twenty-four hours of Kanye Tweets, and you better believe many, many, many more are on the way.

    The first two are already classics:

    Up early in the morning taking meetings in Silicone Valley
    12:17 PM Jul 28th via web

    Lol I spelled Silicon wrong ( I guess I was still thinking about the other type of silicone ITS A PROCESS!! : )
    about 24 hours ago via web

    And more:

    about 17 hours ago via web

    yeah.... we getting about 80 FOLLOWERS A SECOND no exaggeration!!!
    about 17 hours ago via web

    I hate half empty water bottles so I copped these #goblets to drink out of https://twitpic.com/29mnd1
    about 12 hours ago via Twitpic

    about 11 hours ago via web

    Dating models I had to learn to like small dogs and cigarettes
    about 1 hour ago via web

    Classical music is tight yo
    about 1 hour ago via web

    Leonard Bernstein is the shit!!! Hit flute player is snapping write now!!! Are those Christmas bells?
    about 1 hour ago via web

    I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh
    about 1 hour ago via web

    That last one is probably in reference to his new video, which will feature some crazy renaissance/apocalyptic imagery, with naked chicks, a heavy chain, and the Sword of Damocles, according to today's New York Times Art's Blog piece. Yikes.

    Stay tuned. And follow @kanyewest on Twitter. -joe puglisi

    UPDATE: Yeezy continued his social networking tour with a stop at Twitter HQ:

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