THIS OR THAT: Celebrity Feud Edition
    • FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake? Drake or Meek Mill? Big Sean or Kendrick Lamar? ...Okay, everyone's answer to that last one has to be the same. Obviously Kendrick.

    There are so many celebrity feuds - or beefs, if you will - brewin' up in the world of pop culture every day. Sure, it's unfortunate for the celebs who partake in said beefs, but for us, the fans eagerly watching behind the safety of our lap tops with popcorn and an XXL soda in hand, it's pure entertainment. Why talk about something positive like how much you love your friends or how fabulous your weekend was when you can focus your energy on something much more negative and gossip about why Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up? That's exactly what the Baeble Staffers thought when we recently sat down to discuss the world's latest feuds. Tune in above to find out which sides we take.

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