IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

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    Declan McKenna - "Why Do You Feel So Down"

    I just started listening to Declan McKenna's new album What Do You Think About The Car? and I can confidently say that every song on there is great. I really like this one -- I admit it's one of the poppier ones, but the way he sings the chorus is weirdly comforting and reassuring.

    Arcade Fire - "Everything Now"

    I saw Arcade Fire in Brooklyn last night and it was everything. Of course I'm listening to this right now.

    Bombay Bicycle Club - "Shuffle"

    This one is an oldie but a classic! How can you listen and not get pumped up?


    DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - "Summertime"

    Back when Will Smith made music and was hilarious.


    Noname - "All I Need"

    Over the weekend I was in the car driving around and my brother gave me the aux (a big responsibility) and I went through my music library to find something to play. As I was going through I skipped over this Noname song and immediately he told me to go back and play it. I was so shook because I had no idea that he was even a fan. So we listened to it and he knew the entire thing word for word.

    Carole King - "Music"

    A friend of mine got me this record on LP so I've recently been listening to it. This song is the first on the album and also name of the album! The best part about it, besides Carole King singing, is the fact that it is covered in soft rock/jazz instrumental. Like most Carole King classics, it just makes me want to sit down and learn it on piano.

    Dr. Dog - "Could've Happened To Me"

    This song popped up on shuffle a couple days ago and as a result I started to listening to this Dr. Dog album again and realized how good it is. The album Abandoned Mansion came out back in January, and it was their first album in a couple years.


    Quay Dash - "Bossed Up"

    I've been seeing Quay Dash's name going around on "New York rappers to watch"-type lists, so when I heard that she worked with SOPHIE for the song "Bossed Up," I just had to listen. Her EP Transphobic was originally released in 2016, but earlier this month was given a second push when it was re-released through the underground London label, Perth Records.

    Nina Las Vegas, Swick - "Birthday"

    It took me a few listens to really get into this song, but now that I'm used to the kind of abrasive effects on the vocals, I can't stop listening. I love that the song is catchy, high-energy, and unlike any other song I've heard.

    Yelle - "Moteur Action (SOPHIE & A. G. Cook remix)"

    This is one of those songs that I added randomly to my saved Spotify list one day and didn't really listen to until recently. The vocals from the original song are already really catchy, and SOPHIE and A. G. Cook add a really exciting new layer with the remix. The use of actual mechanic-sounding elements is really cool, and as you can probably tell, I just really, really like SOPHIE's production.


    Lana Del Rey - "Salvatore"

    Listening to Lust For Life repeatedly had me passing my morning and evening commutes with the entire Lana Del Rey discography on shuffle. "Salvatore" is from Honeymoon, an album that I didn't love when it dropped in the summer of 2015, but have since rediscovered thanks to this utterly eerie ode to an Italian lover. I've also been looking, without success, for an opportunity to dramatically use the phrase "Ciao, amore".

    Silversun Pickups - "Gun-Shy Sunshine"

    Last night, I found out that Silversun Pickups are coming to Terminal 5 this November, so I've been listening to them for the last twelve hours. I'm obsessed with Brian Aubert's androgynous falsetto, and I'm going to be in the front row at this concert.

    Selena Gomez - "Fetish"

    I know the lyrics show a clear misunderstanding of what a fetish is, and the music video is unsettling, but I love this song. Honestly, I get excited when I like a popular song because then I can put something on the queue that won't cause my friends to restrict my access to said queue. Plus this song is just… hot.


    Jon Hopkins - "The Wider Sun"

    I listen to this song whenever I need to just take a second and breathe. It's one of the most gorgeous instrumental openings to an album that I've ever heard. The strings and ambient noise create a beautiful blend of organic and synthetic sounds, and the track gives you a great impression of what's to come on the rest of the album. Jon Hopkins is brilliant.

    Laura Marling - "Take the Night Off"

    If I could, I'd put the first five songs of Once I Was an Eagle on this list. I can't listen to "Take the Night Off," "I Was an Eagle," "You Know," "Breathe," or "Master Hunter" on their own. They all transition into one another and form this brilliant medley that opens the album, so it all comes together to feel like one long fifteen minute song to me. But I guess I'll have to settle for just one of them, so it should probably be the first one, "Take the Night Off." The way this song progresses from an intimate, minimalistic number featuring just Marling's voice and guitar playing to the lush, grandiose instrumentation at its close is just astounding… but it only gets more and more epic when you listen to the other four songs that kick off the album! So go listen to Once I Was an Eagle, goddammit!

    Radiohead - "Optimistic"

    One of my favorite Radiohead songs, both lyrically and melodically speaking. I think this track has some of Thom Yorke lines in it ("Flies are buzzing around my head/Vultures circling the dead/Picking up every last crumb/The big fish eat the little ones/The big fish eat the little ones/Not my problem, give me some"). It's insane that this is one of the songs on Kid A that Yorke wrote by cutting up random lines and phrases and pulling them out of a hat at random. It's just way too coherent to have been written nonsensically! Also, I love how, just when you think the track's over, the band breaks out into this funky jam session for a few bars. It's weirdly charming.


    Sean Paul, Dua Lipa - "No Lie"

    In preparation for a dope weekend, this song will put you in the proper pre-game mood.

    M83 - "Midnight City"

    Sober or not sober, this song sounds like what heaven would sound like, if it was a song of course.
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