BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: Jamestown Revival's Got the Blues on 'Love Is A Burden'
    • THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Jamestown Revival fans, you may want to sit down for this post, because we've got a lot of exciting things to share with you. First off, the Americana rockers have dropped their brand-new single, "Love Is A Burden," and with that, have announced the name of their upcoming album, The Education of a Wandering Man. If you aren't already quietly squealing to yourself in delight, the Texas-born rock duo have also announced The Wandering Man Tour, which starts this October, and tickets go on sale Friday, July 29th (and yes, thats tomorrow). Take a few seconds to catch your breath. Good? Okay, now let's talk this new single.

    Recorded in a barn in Austin, Texas, "Love Is A Burden" is a gritty and perfectly unpolished track reminiscent of Brothers-era Black Keys with a modest pinch of country twang thrown in for good measure. The song features some really awesome vintage guitar tones (I say that as a guitarist myself), a locked-in bass and drum groove that's both rockin' and soulful, and plenty of classic spring reverb to fill in any sonic gaps. You feel the weight on singers Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay's shoulders as they passionately belt out their unfiltered blues for all to experience and enjoy, and the tight harmonies and catchy vocal melody is the bow that ties this grooving track together. While it can come across as a love song, the band explains in a fan-dedicated letter that the song's also about "Letting go and looking ahead." After the massive success of their debut, UTAH, Jamestown Revival proved they're not buckling under the newfound pressure and are instead looking forward to playing more music and making more hits.

    "Love Is A Burden" is exactly what Jamestown Revival fans were hoping for and more, and is a perfect track just in time for the closing weeks of summer. Listen to the new single right here, read the band's full letter to their fans below, and be sure to check out their upcoming tour dates HERE.

    The band also wrote the *most heartfelt* letter to their fans ever! Check it out below.

    Our Dear Comrades,

    One month from now, it will have been four years since we left Los Angeles for the Wasatch Mountains. Our philosophy then was simple, and it still remains so today; embrace the humanistic imperfection, simplicity, and honesty that exists in the room when we play our music live. That said, the last four years have been quite a journey.

    After we recorded UTAH, we really weren't sure what to do with it. The album was recorded in a cabin, and it didn't sound much like anything we were hearing on the radio. I remember at one point us doubting the entire process and album altogether. We released the album independently in 2013, and over the course of the next two years we went from playing for 25 people at a Los Angeles dive, to back-to-back sold out shows at The Troubadour. We showed up to places like New York City, and had the entire Bowery Ballroom singing the words to 'California.' It completely blew us away. From our first national television performance, to Coachella, we were experiencing the things we had dreamed about since we met at the age of 15. Surreal, blurry, and unbelievable. It was no Madison Square Garden, but for us - two guys who used to sleep in the back of their cars on tour; it was completely life changing.

    When it came time to start writing for our new album, we experienced something completely foreign to us; pressure. For the first time in our careers, we had fans anticipating new music. We had business partners with deadlines. We had radio programmers who had supported us, and they were ready for something new. We were too.

    Then began the struggle. It felt like every time we sat down to write a song, we compared it to 'California.' Nothing seemed to be as strong, and nothing seemed to measure up. At one point I remember us really getting into our own heads. Undoubtedly, UTAH changed our lives. We were supremely proud of it, but we had to reconcile with the fact that our next album had to take on a life of its own. We read books on creativity, listened to speeches by some incredible writers, searched our souls, and finally came to the conclusion that we had to let 'California' go.

    'Love is a Burden' is the first single from our new album. At first listen it sounds like a song about love. For us, it's a song about the difficulty of letting go of the past. In constantly comparing ourselves to our past achievements and connections, we were hindering our own forward motion. Be it a relationship, a past accomplishment, or a regret, we had to come to the realization that it was doing us absolutely no good to dwell on our past. 'Love is a Burden' is about letting go and looking ahead.

    Looking back to 2012, it's easy to see ourselves as naive. In many ways we still are. In thinking about all we still want to do with our lives, it's overwhelming. We're learning a lot of the answers as we go, and this album is a snapshot of our observations and learnings over the past four years. Our education has been gained not in a classroom, but in our experience. It's a trial-by-fire, haphazard sort of process, but there's rarely a dull moment. This album details 'The Education of a Wandering Man,' and we named the album as such. It plays like a late night drive after one of our shows, shuffling through our highs, our lows, and everything in between. Much in the same way we recorded UTAH, we recorded The Education of a Wandering Man in a farmhouse outside of Austin. We did our best to convert the living room into a studio, and we locked ourselves away in the Hill Country. No 'producer,' no fancy setup, just 6 friends playing and recording music. We sincerely hope you enjoy.

    Jonathan & Zach

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