The Baeble Next: Hidden Charms' Not So Hidden Charms
    • TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2015

    • Posted by: Becky Foinchas

    [Ed. Note: You may have noticed that we've been doing a lot of Q&As with bands in the last couple months. Baeble is a site that's always been dedicated to knowing what's next, and moving forward, we realized these short Q&A pieces were the perfect tool for introducing our readers to upcoming acts that we're excited about. And so, starting today, we want to introduce you to "The Baeble Next" where we shine a spotlight on emerging acts and let them introduce themselves to you in their own words. There will be fewer of these Q&As in the fuutre (their regularity will never exceed more than one a day though there isn't a guarantee that there will be one each day), but I knew the 60s tinged pop-rock of Hidden Charms was the perfect way to start this new feature. So ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Hidden Charms... The inaugural Baeble Next!]

    After their debut single, "Dreaming Of Another Girl," it becomes clear that there's no more hiding for the British foursome Hidden Charms. The young quartet has graced the airwaves with a yearning vintage rock sound that can be likened to a jazzier Tame Impala mixed with the essence of a contemporary Rolling Stones.

    The new jam is masterfully arranged with sunny harmonies that seem to subtly yet impactfully glide over one another along side California surf guitar compositions. We were able to unravel some of the charming band's complexities after some pertinent home-hitting inquiry.

    Hidden Charms' tracks have a classic rock 'n' roll sound built over melodic guitars and heavy pulsing bass lines. Who are your influences (both classic and modern acts) when composing a piece?

    Our influences vary from The Zombies through to The Stooges and then there's The White Stripes, anything made by Dr Dre, Arctic Monkeys just all the good stuff really. We like to draw on weird things when we write that people probably wouldn't expect like house music or something like that.

    What was it like working with Shel Talmy? Were you ever initially intimidated working with such an established music mogul?

    When Shel first got in contact with us it was quite nerve racking but he was so encouraging and open that it soon ended up with us just being good friends drinking and carrying on at Shel's house! We're in contact all the time.

    Your latest single, "Dreaming of Another Girl" has a pretty sweet cover with an authentic vintage appeal. Where is the photo/album cover from, and who are the Sharpie-censored faces?

    The artwork was done by an artist called Young & Sick; he's a good friend of ours and a great musician too. We've spent many a night drinking and playing songs together and we've always been fans of his stuff so it made sense to ask him to try something and the first thing he did was what we used we loved it. The women are all Ranald's ex girlfriends.

    "Dreaming of Another Girl" is set to release later this fall on your debut EP. What kind of jams can we expect to hear?

    We've moved on to a slightly darker side to what people have heard before but hopefully people will see what we're trying to do and get with it!

    If you enjoyed their debut single, Hidden Charms have also released a second track, "Long Way Down," which you can find below.

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