Florence and The Machine Continue Odyssey With New Short Film
    • TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2015

    • Posted by: Alana Solin

    In the ten-minute short film "Queen Of Peace"/"Long And Lost," featuring two songs off her LP How Big How Blue How Beautiful, Florence Welch once again shows her talent for creating her own mythology, one that is equal parts loving and violent, with her as the similarly vulnerable-yet-destructive deity. The video is tinted ochre, set against the sweeping, chilly beauty of Scotland. In the first half of the video Welch struggles with her family and her lover both in the past and the present; she tries to hold the peace, but nothing she does is enough. When she embraces the onlookers at the fight, they do not notice her. When she kicks and yells, she is overpowered.

    The video transitions seamlessly into an indigo night, heavy and forcefully quiet, where a chasm falls between Florence and her lover, and she laments by fighting against then embracing her family in an endless pattern. This part of the video, lit yellow against the blue sky, is rich in saturation, matching Florence's delicate, echoing vocals in intensity and gorgeousness. Ending with a long, slow shot of Florence's hand reaching toward the tumultuous sky, this video captures Florence and The Machine reaching a new apex of cinematic and musical excellence for themselves.

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