A Conversation With Goldroom: A Neo Electropop Sensibility
    • TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2015

    • Posted by: Patrick Pilch

    In today's musical climate, songs are built upon layers of effects, rhythms, reverb, beats, etc. The possibilities are endless when attempting to construct the depth of a track, as musical pioneers of sound and texture are constantly embracing unconventionality in attempts to create something truly original. But when it comes down to it, every artist's tracks, regardless of the amount of layers of sounds there may be, are simply songs. Buried underneath all of the flair and mojo that comprises a track is the core, original concept. All songs begin with a fraction of an idea, blossoming into something completely different than its in utero version that had most likely been conceived on a guitar or piano.

    We had the chance to chat with Josh Legg, better known as Goldroom, about this process. Legg prefers live instrumentation and performance, rather than being confined to the limited area behind a DJ stand. You can see him playing guitar, his instrument of choice, during the house party scene in his feature short film for 2015's It's Like You Never Went Away EP. The video follows the all-night adventure of two quirky underdogs, representing the utopian high school appearance Hollywood has portrayed in cult classic coming of age films. His song structure matches the quality of the video, as his tracks are shrouded by the glint of summery synths, with each track containing a vocal feature that shapes the instantaneously ear-catching pop hooks. Combining the sonic buoyancy of synth pop and the late 00s wave of chill that is chillwave, Goldroom successfully creates equally enticing and easily digestible numbers.

    Legg has been tinkering with music since his youth. Although he was never the kid underneath the piano, as his parents weren't necessarily musically inclined, he took up an interest in music at a young age, taking cello lessons and later teaching himself the guitar. Like most teenagers during the 90s, his earliest musical fix were the likes of grunge acts like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but cites Americana stars like Tom Petty being constantly in rotation. As for modern day performers, he tends to stray away from listening to his contemporaries, opting for brief heavy kicks of classic discographies from legendary performers like Curtis Mayfield, one of the most influential forefathers of soul and R&B.

    Legg's musical excursion began in his teens, forming an acoustic surf rock band, to which the producer still questions today if that's even a thing. The band's tracks were never supposed to be heard, but the importance of the casual conglomerate would assist in Goldroom's emergence. Legg was responsible for recording and producing the band's tracks using a four-track recorder. The outfit would ignite Legg's passion for the production and recording techniques that go into a song's creation. Knowledge of the origin of songs as well as being familiar with the components that are fundamental elements when producing and recording tracks gives Legg a leg up on the competition.

    The future for Goldroom is bright, as listeners from around the world have enthusiastically embraced his tracks. From festivals, to intimate gigs, to international tours, Goldroom has been globally seizing the ears of eager listeners. Legg writes a song a day and with over 30 unreleased tracks in his inventory, many of which may never see the light of day, listeners should be keeping their eyes and ears peeled for a full length release in the near future.

    And if you enjoy what Goldroom has to say, you absolutely have to check out our exclusive concert with the up-and-coming performer.

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