Jenny Lewis The Voyager
    • MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014

    • Posted by: Sarah Kasarsky

    Within the bouncy, light melodies of her latest album, The Voyager, Jenny Lewis found a little safe haven. As Lewis dealt with the break up of her indie-pop group Rilo Kiley, the death of her father, and health battles while writing and recording The Voyager, it was conceived as an escape from her personal and professional strife. The result was 10 lighthearted tracks with an irresistible indie-pop-country twang, whose sounds are juxtaposed by their stories of missed opportunities, realities of aging, and broken relationships.

    Unfortunately, Lewis hides these true-to-life lyrics of despair and regret behind her perfectly melodic tunes and catchy arrangements. Lewis's vocals on "Head Underwater" and "She's Not Me" are pleasantly reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, as they grasp an alluring and sultry blend between folk and rock. Yet these sounds soon become banal, repetitious, and only catchy on the surface, once you eventually realize that the lyrics are entirely mismatched with their upbeat counterparts and rhythms. This trend continues with "Love U Forever," a rock track whose playful arrangement and sunny vocals hide the melancholic meaning found in the lyrics of the song. It's Lewis's lyrics that make the song relatable and heartfelt, yet, sadly, it is more difficult than it should be to uncover them.

    With The Voyager, Lewis created an enjoyable and polished set of indie-pop tracks, on which her voice sounds as strong and beautiful as ever. However, she reminds us that sometimes, perfection can be a fatal flaw. If some perfectly arranged strums, notes, and cords were replaced with moments of authentic rawness and vulnerability, the album would forge a much greater, engaging, and lasting impact.

    The Voyager is due out July 29th on Warner Brothers Records. Buy Your copy here, and check out the video for "Just One of the Guys," the first official video that has been released off The Voyager .

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