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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 2010

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    Kanye West exhibited his ability to keep up with trends in modern technology, debuting new material from his upcoming album at Facebook headquarters, as opposed to his choice to break out the new stuff on MTV in 2008. The performance was a cappella &mdash apparently Kanye just showed up at the FB HQ and gave 'em an impromptu serenade.

    The raw beat-free form is a good way to hear some new content, totally exposed with all the pressure on the raps themselves, and is a bold move in the heyday of auto-tune. "Mama's Boyfriend" is a serious one channeling childhood Kanye, who angsts about wanting to run over the titular dude with his bike. Videos of the preview performance below. -selden paterson

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    Kanye West on Myspace

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