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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 2010

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    Okay, time for more Warped Tour coverage. I hope you're as excited as I am! Up next I speak with Grant Harris aka Breathe Electric. Combining pop rock with electronic music, Grant has been releasing his own music DIY style for a few years now. I discussed what it's like to do things on your own in the music biz among other things with him below.

    Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your musical background?

    I'm Grant and I sing and basically write everything in Breathe Electric. Breathe Electric started a couple years ago in my dorm room in college and I was miserable in college and I was just writing music and it made me happy and I started putting it online and I started to get actually a really good following and a good response so I kept making music and eventually dropped out of college and pursued this full time. It brings us to here basically.

    Well, it kind of paid off. So what genre of music do you consider your music to be?
    It's basically pop music. I mean its a lot of electronic like undertones, you know, it's more of a fake drum sample kind of thing as opposed to like real drums. You know, a synth bass and a lot of synthesizers and stuff like that. It's fun music you can dance to and its just kind of like, you know, feel good music.

    Where do you get your inspiration from and who are your biggest influences?

    I get my influences from, I mean, really anywhere. I kind of walk around during the day and I have like a thousand videos on my phone just of me like just taking voice notes and just humming melodies and then like putting it together into a song. One of my favorite artists is Ben Folds. That's like my guy, I love that guy and I just think he's really creative his music is so different and so him and I really respect that. He's just one of my favorite songwriters.

    Have you seen the Chatroulette lookalike Merton?

    I have. It's so good. Have you seen him [Ben Folds] doing it live though? So good.

    Yeah I have. How do you think you've grown as a musician since starting?

    Well you know I wrote my first EP in my basement and recorded it in my basement by myself and I was really like...you know, I was obviously putting myself into it but I was kind of just more mimicking what I saw around me and what I heard. I just released the third EP about a month ago and each time I kind of found more of myself in it and trying to stop so much copying and finding my own sound and I think on this third EP I finally got a little closer to what I think the Breathe Electric sound is.

    Whats your writing process and how do you think it shows through your music?

    It's always different. Like I mentioned, I record voice notes a lot. Sometimes I'll just put down a beat and write over it with just a MIDI keyboard. Other times its the vocals that are first and other times it's some kind of piano part. I think a lot of the music that I have kind of shows which one was first because theres a lot of more like rhythmically driven songs then theres more like piano driven songs and I think you can kind of tell oh thats what started first. It's really all over the place and its about finding the different steps that make it the song.

    What's your favorite part of playing a tour like Warped?

    It's meeting the fans. We're playing so many places weve never played before. I think we've played Long Island once at some random college and nobody was there so its like were playing all these places were not used to and meeting all these fans that have not been able to see us yet. It's just awesome, you know, being able to play everyday and see kids singing. That's whats the best part for me.

    Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

    If you're going to Warped Tour, give us a chance. If you haven't heard of us keep an eye out for our set time and come out and see us and its fun and you can dance and all that stuff. And to anybody that is a fan already, I appreciate it and do the same thing, come out and see us at Warped. And were going to be touring after this for a couple of months all full U.S. so well be touring soon and come see us there. Should be fun.

    Breathe Electric's latest EP Lovestruck is available now. Make sure to check them out on tour this fall. -hanna kasper

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