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    • TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2009

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    Like nature's most delicate creations, the songs Brooklyn based songwriter Chris Garneau dream up find their beauty in the gauzy vulnerability of their makeup, and the frail, compositional form that they take. In fact, we contend that his recently released album El Radio bring with it careful handling instructions that read something like, "please be mindful of time and place when you have at these dainty, pop conceptions. All could be lost in the face of any disturbance in the atmosphere above a whisper".

    Which is why we approached Garneau's Guest Apartment session with care and control. Keeping things quite as a crypt for Garneau, our brave and bold guest strolled through three songs sweet and delicate, his slow swell of piano chords and delayed vocal lines leaving us hanging right with him through the thick and thin of every song. Here Garneau sings of a longing for winter, where only moments before he was wiping summer's sweat from his brow ("Winter Song #1"). Here he sings of an end, but love's steadfast endurance ("Hands on the Radio"). Here he visits his formative writing days, unearthing a tune from his teenage-dom ("Try Me"). Here is a place where feeling and magic whip around the Baeble Guest Apartment like it hasn't before. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Chris Garneau at Baeble's Guest Apartment

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