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    • MONDAY, JULY 28, 2008

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    In 2007 a brief digital EP entitled Wizard of Ahhhs was released, to much acclaim from, yes, you guessed it, the blogs. Everyone and their sister was chanting "he's got two left feet and he bites my moves," and it was good. Black Kids, the rag-tag bunch from Jacksonville, knew how to make us dance, even with terrible production and absolutely no label support. Since then, lots of paper has been signed, lots of studio time has been bought, and the end result are the raw, grainy tracks once heard for free all waxed, polished, and passed off as something sellable. Are Black Kids part of the next wave of successful major label pop? Or are they a hyped up sucker-punch, nothing more than another false sense of success? Is this a "partie," or simply just traumatic? ..Keep Reading.. -joe puglisi

    Black Kids on Tour
    08/01 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza
    08/10 - Jersey City, NJ - All Points West Festival
    08/14 - Salzburg, Austria - Frequency Festival
    08/15 - Erfurt, Germany - Highfield Festival
    08/20 - Newcastle, England - Academy
    08/21 - Bristol, England - Thekla

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