Queens Of The Stone Age Release Another Cruel And Unusual Teaser
    • THURSDAY, JULY 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Jon Hopper

    Queens Of The Stone Age have just released another in a series of several taunting teaser videos a month ahead of the release of their upcoming album Villains, and the word ‘teaser' definitely couldn't be more appropriate in this case. And as excited as I am for this album to come out, I'm feeling cheated, bamboozled, laughed at! Robbed of a glorious release that was meant to save me from the building monotonous chant that was the soundtrack to my anticipation while watching this video. But no! It just couldn't be that simple, now could it? I keep re-watching it, wishing, hoping in vain that it'll change and I'll get the sweet release of some climactic crash into one of the new songs off the album. Josh's apparent frustration at the end of the video feels like a cheeky mirror to how every Queens fan watching this teaser must feel.

    Look guys, I get it. You really want to drive up hype for this new album coming out. No, it's cool, I totally understand. But like… Come on, let's be reasonable here…

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