NOW PLAYING: A Bands + Brews Session With The Suffers
    • THURSDAY, JULY 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    You'd be hard pressed to look through our vast collection of Bands + Brews concerts and find a group with more charm, personality, and exuberance than The Suffers. When you watch them perform, it's obvious that their biggest concern is whether or not they, as well as everyone in the audience, are having a good time. They even make this clear with a couple in-between-song speeches, but the way they all own the stage already communicates that sentiment perfectly. Obviously, front woman Kam Franklin has a powerful, soaring, soulful voice, but it's her swagger, her confidence, and her unrelenting optimism that make this concert the must-watch performance of the summer that it is.

    When Franklin sings "you can trust that I'll act like a lady, until you take me home" during the song "Make Some Room," she saps as much humor and charm out of the line as she possibly can, going so far as to stick her tongue out and semi-jokingly, semi-flirtatiously play with her hair. It's impossible not to crack a smile when she performs, but the rest of the band aren't slacking around either. In fact, it's because of the group's restlessness and inability to stay still for any one second of their performance that there isn't a dull moment throughout the entirety of this show. The Suffers came to Brooklyn to ensure that everyone had a good time that night, and went home with a lasting impression of both the band and the music of Houston. It's impossible to imagine a scenario in which they couldn't have done just that.

    Also, don't assume that the band's music will fit snugly in with the rest of the soul collection in your iTunes library. The Suffers clearly have their influences, and will remind you of other notable soul groups. But besides their charm and personality, if there's anything to take away from the Suffers' sound, it's their individuality. They accomplish this individuality by giving the listener a grander impression of Gulf Coast Soul music than most bands in the genre. They're inspired by a wide variety of music from cities in the Gulf of Mexico, including reggae and R&B. It's no wonder why The Suffers are credited with having revitalized the Gulf Coast Soul genre.

    If you want to catch The Suffers live yourself, they're playing Brooklyn Bowl tomorrow at 8:00 PM. Also check out our interview with Kam Franklin before she took the B+B stage:

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