BORNS Ventures on a Dream-Quest for Lost Sounds in New Short Film
    • THURSDAY, JULY 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    For the past week and a half, BØRNS has been teasing that he's releasing new music. It all started with a series of 7 videos on Instagram, each revealing more of the full short film, "The Search For The Lost Sounds." The full video was uploaded a couple days ago, and according to both the video description and a post on Instagram, "Faded Heart" (which seems like it's going to be a new single) is out tonight.

    The short film packs a lot into just over 6 minutes. BØRNS skates through a neighborhood as a clip of music mingles with the miscellaneous sounds of the town. Things take a funny turn when BØRNS encounters an obstacle - a pogo stick owned by a pink-haired little kid, who apparently also owns the park. The kid challenges BØRNS to a battle, promising that the winner gets the park but "no one's ever beat me in my park." During an intense double dutch face-off, BØRNS slips on a banana peel thrown down by the little kid, which launches him into a trippy dream and the search for lost sounds. His "Muse of Melody" finds him with a Korg on the beach, and she gives him a three-part riddle and something to smoke to help him find the sounds he's been looking for. BØRNS wanders around and fulfills each part of the riddle before coming to, still on the ground of the park. Evidently, as "Faded Heart" is being released tonight, BØRNS has indeed found all the lost sounds he needs to make new music.

    There are so many things to love about this video - the aesthetics, the off-kilter humor, the weird trippiness of the dream sequence - it's all so good. It manages to tell a clear story, even though without context most of the imagery seems pretty absurd. It seems to be promoting the release of BØRNS' new music, but it's far from boring, typical advertising. As its own project, it's fun and exciting to watch, whether or not it's teasing new music.

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