7 Artists You'll Love if You're a Joywave Fan
    • THURSDAY, JULY 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Back in 2015, Bleachers brought New York's own electro rock band Joywave on the road with them, and everyone who left the venue following their respective show left with some new tracks to listen to and a new band to give all of their money to for future albums, tours, and merch. Once Joywave took the stage at the show I attended, I momentarily forgot who I was there to see that night–my mind was engulfed with all things Joywave. I was so whipped by the end of the show that I bought their EP How Do You Feel? on vinyl, and I didn't even own a record player at the time. There's a definite possibility that I found myself in this situation because of Joywave's possible use of subliminal messages in their music causing everyone who hears it to immediately want to empty their bank account in the band's favor, but I think the more logical explanation is that they're genuinely extremely talented and their music is simply infectious.

    I had liked Bleachers for so long before I even knew Joywave existed, and that got me thinking: What other incredible bands are out there that I don't know about? That thought sent me spiraling down a deep pit of indie rock Spotify playlists to try to discover as many similar artists as I could. My search was only partially successful, I just couldn't seem to find many acts who gave off the same energy that I felt listening to Joywave. That was two years ago, so of course the list has expanded quite a bit since then to reflect newer releases and bands experimenting with new sounds. Ahead of the release of their second LP, CONTENT, out this upcoming Friday, here are 7 other artists who specialize in creating banging alternative tracks in the same way Joywave does.

    1. Glass Animals

    Glass Animals is a four man, England based band whose music is somehow part alternative, part pop, part hip-hop, but entirely irresistible. Their track "Gooey" gained viral attention in 2014 with the release of the band's Gooey EP and has since then accumulated over 91 million plays on Spotify. That same year ZABA, Glass Animals' debut album, was released and the 15 included tracks gave listeners the opportunity to see what the band is all about–from their sound to their content. It was a great start for the group, and their follow up album How to Be a Human Being (2016) was even better. Their heavy tones and intriguing lyrics put them in a similar category with Joywave.

    Key tracks to check out: "Season 2 Episode 3", "Take A Slice", "Pools".

    2. Sir Sly

    Sir Sly has flown under the radar for most of their career. They debuted with their EP Gold in 2013, and then their debut album You Haunt Me a year later. By then a decent amount of people had an idea of who they were, but the release was followed by a nearly 3 year gap of releasing music–they were busy touring and recording, I suppose. Their return album Don't You Worry, Honey arrived late last month following the release of their summer banger "High." It's been nice to have them back, and hopefully they stick around for a little longer now. Their eerie tone paired with the pop elements of their music is slightly resemblant of Joywave's sound, just a bit more rocky.

    Key tracks to check out: "High", "2am", "Gold".

    3. Capital Cities

    Think back to the summer of 2013 when you heard the opening beat of Capital Cities' "Safe and Sound" and turned your radio up to full volume. Don't even try to deny it, we should all know that "Safe and Sound" was one of the greatest, and somehow super underrated, tracks of that summer–and the over 305 million people who have streamed it on Spotify since then surely agree with me. I blame "Blurred Lines" for stealing all of the attention. The track was the lead single from the band's debut album In a Tidal Wave of Mystery, and for quite a while since then you haven't heard much from Capital Cities apart from a 2016 stand alone release, "Vowels." Thankfully, 2017 has been coming through with so many new releases from our favorite artists, including CC. Their new EP Swimming Pool Summer is available now.

    Key tracks to check out:
    "Drop Everything", "Origami", "Drifting".

    4. COIN

    COIN is an indie band from Nashville formed way back in 2012. In the short time that they've been active musicians, COIN has released two kick ass albums, COIN (2015) and How Will You Know if You Never Try (2017). The hype around COIN didn't start to really elevate until the release of their single "Talk Too Much" last May, and since then the track has earned over 21 million Spotify plays. This brought upon the discovery of their first album by many, making HWYKIYNT a highly anticipated album this year. When the album was released, we were pleased to see that COIN did not disappoint. It featured the aforementioned single as well as "Talk Too Much." Like Joywave, COIN's music straddles the line between upbeat and pop-ish and smooth and eclectic.

    Key tracks to check out: "Feeling", "Lately", "Hannah".

    5. Vinyl Theater

    I first discovered Vinyl Theater back in 2014 when their debut album Electrogram was released, and included one of my favorite songs, "Gold." It took me a few listens to really catch on to their sound, but once I did I thoroughly enjoyed it. The three piece group is more pop than rock, but also heavily punk. It sounds a little odd in writing, but believe me when I say that they know how to make it work. Lyrically, Vinyl Theater is the kind of band to come up with lines that make you wish you had come up with them yourself, and I've found that they made for great Instagram captions: "I can feel it in my bones / So much left unknown / We continue to grow old / At least I have found my gold" really came through when it was time to post graduation pictures.

    Key tracks to check out: "Gold", "Fade Away", "Pillow Talk".

    6. The Griswolds

    Not only is the name of their band super sick, the guys in The Griswolds are so incredibly talented. Their debut album Be Impressive (2015) was a bold move for their first huge release, and it worked out pretty well for them. The album featured lead single "Beware the Dog," which now has over 19 million Spotify streams, as well as banger "If You Wanna Stay." After some touring and studio time, The Griswolds returned with their follow up album High Times for Low Lives. You know when you don't think something can get any better than it already is? Well, that was one of those situations and the Australian band proved everyone wrong. The album showed immense lyrical improvement as well as vocal and instrumental. Everything was better and wonderful and man, this is a great album.

    Key tracks to check out: "I Want It All", "Live this Nightmare", "Rufio".

    7. Passion Pit

    The most veteran act on this list is obviously Passion Pit, the electro indie project of Michael Angelakos. Passion Pit came to be roughly 10 years ago, with its debut album premiering in 2009 titled Manners. At this point, I'm not sure how popular they were because if you had mentioned them to me at that time, 9 year old me would have thought you were talking about the center of a passionfruit. I, like a lot of people, first heard of Angelakos and his project when "Take a Walk" went viral in the summer of 2012. From there I looked into the respective album, Gossamer, which also featured "Carried Away," yet another hit. At the time, I had never heard anything that sounded even remotely close to Angelakos' music–and I was so intrigued. Two years since his last release, Kindred, Angelakos has set a date for the official streaming release of his new album/project Tremendous Sea of Love–Friday, July 28th.

    Key tracks to check out: "Whole Life Story", "Sleepyhead", "Hideaway".

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