PLOT TWIST: Our Grandparents Are Actually The Biggest Taylor Swift Fans
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Susmita Paruchuri

    Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" was undeniably catchy and cute as hell, but for the most part, it's old news. 1989 came out in October 2014, and the covers and parodies have pretty much died down. However, there's one group of people that tend to be a little late on the trends, sometimes...

    Fifty elderly residents of Julia Wallace retirement village in New Zealand participated in the video, that's pretty much a shot-for-shot recreation of Swift's original. "We still have life and energy, and sometimes I feel I do more now than when I was younger, because I have more time," said Margaret Gregory, 72, to The Guardian. The average age of the dancers was 80.

    Seriously, the dancers do a great job of pretty much replicating the video -- the effects for the breakdancing they do are just...indescribable. I got such a 90s Nickelodeon feel from it. Everything was pretty much done by the retirement village -- they made the costumes, and the video also has cameos from the staff members and some grandchildren of the residents.

    The video reached over 100,000 views now on YouTube after the crew spent just a week learning the song and choreography! And it's not the first attention-grabbing thing they've done over at Julia Wallace retirement village, either -- last year they made a nude calendar to raise money for the Red Cross. A noble cause, but I wonder what kind of people bought it and put it up... actually, no. Scratch that, I absolutely do not want to know.

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