COIN and Neon Trees Dazzle at Irving Plaza
    • MONDAY, JULY 27, 2015

    • Posted by: CJ Harvey

    Last night, I had the chance to catch COIN at Irving Plaza as they played with Neon Trees and Fictionist. It's not often that New York City crowds actually get to a concert when the doors open. By the time opening group, Fictionist, began playing, the entire venue was almost completely full.

    At a first glance, the guys from Fictionist looked quite groovy and quirky. Once they started playing, their vintage synth sounds mixed with grunge pop confirmed all of my original hopes and suspicions. At the end of their set, Fictionist rocked out to a song with the lyrics, "we can sleep when we die" which the far from tired crowd was clearly very excited about.

    Next to hit the stage were Nashville based foursome, COIN. This was my first time seeing the band live after hearing of them from many friends over the past few months. A set that began with an unfamiliar band quickly turned into one oozing personality and charisma, and I felt like I had known COIN for years. The group's self-titled debut album dropped last month, and although I didn't know many of the songs, it was nearly impossible to keep from dancing.

    I've come to a reasonable conclusion that COIN are invincible and probably going to take over the world at any given moment. The combination of the band's unbeatable hooks and dreamy mysterious aesthetic on stage made the show one of the most enjoyable concerts I've photographed in a while. I was especially impressed by the lead singer Chase Lawrence's ability to engage with audience despite the fact that he was also playing keys. It was clear that the packed venue's eager fans agreed with me, and hundreds of New Yorkers moved around to the upbeat tunes pouring out of the stage until the last song.

    Finally, the time came around for Neon Trees to come on. I've seen Neon Trees before, but this was my first time photographing the set from the pit. Tyler Glenn was a music photographer's dream as he danced around the stage through a rainbow of ever-changing lights. The diehard fans were definitely not disappointed with the band's combination of new releases and older hits. It was pretty amazing to see a crowd get so involved in a show with three fairly different acts. The current tour only has a few more nights left in it, but I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for future shows from any of the 3 acts if the lineup continues to be as successful as it was on this tour.

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