Of Monsters and Men Brings Back the Speak-Easy Era with a Vengeance
    • FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2012

    • Posted by: Ilana Kaplan

    The only way to describe what I experienced last night is with one word: weird. Not in a bad way at all, the good kind of weird. Everything from the feathers and flapper dresses was out of a different time period, down to the 1920s - 1930s dressed speakeasy band playing in the corner.

    Entering the Angel Oresanz Foundation (which is an old church that has since been converted into a gorgeous event hall) was like stepping into another reality. The lighting, 1920s costumes, and free booze set the tone for the evening. The events host reminded the crowd to constantly Instagram and hashtag photos of the event (as The Music Experiments success was based on a Twitter contest). With the abundance of wine pouring, I, along with the crowd, crazily hashtagged and Instagrammed throughout the performance while being entertained by sword-swallowing and a quasi-striptease from a pin-up girl. In short, MTV Iggy and Intel know how to put on a party.

    With the exception of a bit of a sound glitch, Of Monsters and Men put on a magical performance, which got me captivated (and into a drunken trance). The band played a majority of their debut album, starting off with Dirty Paws and making quite a scene in Little Talks. The crowd mimicked every beautiful lyric and stared at their beautiful attire as they played Six Weeks. I dont think one person left unhappy last night; unless they got caught in the NYC pseudo-hurricane outside.

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