5 Young Rock Bands That Deserve Your Attention
    • FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    We would like to take pause from our weekly routine to reflect. There are so many bands out there that it would be impossible to cover them all -- there's only so much room to fill in your ears. Music blogs tend to take cues from peer websites as to what will be popular, and a lot of bands fall through the cracks. That's why we've compiled a list of five new(ish) rocking & rolling bands that we would like to submit to your valuable brain speakers. Number One: Coldplay. Just kidding, the list's below.

    1. Heavy Cream

    Heavy Cream (pictured above) is a Nashville punk band on Infinity Cat, the label owned by the no-good scoundrels JEFF The Brotherhood. While there are parallels between the two bands, Heavy Cream builds their sound around an even more raw punk ferocity. A four piece made up by three women and one dude who plays bass, the group is lead by singer Jessica McFarland who roars and flails like a mini-Karen O, or fellow Nashville-r Jemina Pearl. Heavy Cream has released two albums so far, including their 2012 Ty-Segall produced LP, Super Treatment.

    2. Mrs. Magician

    I know, I know. If you're a frequent Baeble reader, you'll know how giddy we are for this band. What's more, we don't understand why more people aren't just as enthusiastic as us. Mrs. Magician hails from San Diego, and blends the areas surf rock sound with a heavy dose of psychedelia. Our love for this group can be summed up pretty well with their awesome new music video for "The Dead 80s" off of their debut album Strange Heaven.

    3. The Shrine

    The Shrine has been playing the L.A. hard rock circuit for the better of three years now, and they're just now beginning to get recognized as the heavy-as-hell power trio that they are. As is necessary for a trio that moves at this speed, every part of the music machine is synchronized. From lead man Josh Landau's Thin Lizzy-inspired guitar licks, to Court Murphy's bass that sounds like a 18-Wheeler going 100 mph, every part of The Shrine is worth paying attention to.

    4. Moritat

    The next band is slightly more subdued than the rest, but no less talented. Moritat is a Chicago three piece that just put out a great new album titled Clill Blanzin. It's unusual to see a band that as unheard of as Moritat be highly capable of blending so many different rock genres, combining harmonies, piano, guitar and triggers to an unusual effect. Watch the music video for "Cats," a single from Clill Blanzin that is a good example of what makes Moritat a band to keep an eye out for.

    5. Soft Black

    Last on our list, but not least is Brooklyn four-piece Soft Black. The group is also the oldest of the five, putting out three releases since 2005. Soft Black will catch your ear with their straightforward rhythms and strangely apocalyptic lyrics, sung through Vincent Cacchione's raspy pipes. Watch a video for "Lions" below, and stream a few of their songs from their most recent album, The Earth is Black, over at their website.

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